Tournaments and RacingDownload: Race entry ID tag, include this with your cars

The entry ID tag was updated to include more per print out. The old entry form and link are still valid so you don't need to update your old posts. Just link to this topic for future tournaments.

Friendly reminder bump about including this ID card when you send in entry cars. With so many races and so many cars coming and going, having this really helps...not to mention it helps ensure that your cars get back to you!

Reminder bump. Please print out and include an ID card with every car you mail-in to a tournament.

These cards help hosts keep things straight and organized. Not to mention it greatly increases the chances of your cars getting home. With dozens of cars entering races, something as simple as this can mean a lot.

And hosts, please always include a link to this in your event thread. Or just use the Mail-in Tournament template and it already has the link in it.

Brian, can this form be made so that it can be filled out before printing? We don't all write as pretty as you. :)

I'll see what I can do

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