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Modding cars and building tracks is great, but when it comes down to it, we're racing head-to-head for diecast racing glory...and your competition lies all around the world.

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Recent Winners

Pikes Peak Invitational (Full)
Scrapper's Showdown 2022 - FULL
Speed Heat (Real Riders Tournament) at Guingoyo Diecast Racing

2023 Top Racers

1st Place Finishes: 2
Podium Finishes: 4
Top 5 Finishes: 5

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Career Top Racers

1st Place Finishes: 14
Podium Finishes: 30
Top 5 Finishes: 37

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Where's my win?

If you don't see your name in any of the lists above but you know you've won some races, it probably means the host of the race hasn't reported the results yet.

Our stats rely on the race organizers to self-report the final results of any given event. If they haven't, you won't get any win stats. Please encourage your race host to report results and share this link with them.

Wait, the race is listed but my win is not

If you know the race results got reported but your name still isn't listed, it means you're not a Redline Derby Racing member. Stat tracking is only available to members. Thankfully, it's easy and free to join!

How are wins reported?

We rely on race hosts to self-report the final results of their events. If they don't do that, there won't be any wins or stats recorded on this site. But when they do...

  • A 1st place win is tracked as a 1st place win, a podium finish, and a Top 5 finish
  • A 2nd place win is tracked as a podium finish, and a Top 5 finish
  • A 3rd place win is tracked as a podium finish, and a Top 5 finish
  • A 4th place win is tracked as a Top 5 finish
  • A 5th place win is tracked as a Top 5 finish

However, race organizers don't have to report all Top 5 finishers. They may just report the 1st place win, or just the Top 3, or Top 4.

Hosting races?

If you're a race organizer, please report your results and help everyone claim their win stats for your event. It's a pretty painless 2-step process.

  1. Add your race to the calendar, if you haven't done that already.
  2. Report the results for your race

If you're not already a Redline Derby Racing, you'll need to join first before you can make post any races or results.