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First steps into building my diecast raceway

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Playz 8/31/21

Scored a massive haul of US version of crash racer track and 2 full sets of hot wheels nascar wide track with pit stops a massive wad of orange tracks, loops, 2xboosters and much more....

  • JESUS, what a haul! You are going to be doing some epic stuff with all that! — SpyDude
  • Wow nice, thats a good haul of track pieces there! — BattleStreet
  • Great stuff!! Those CR straights are gold!! — CaShMoneyBoyS
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Playz 9/12/21

Ok guys here where we are up to at Thunder Mountain Raceway, the track isn't finished (will it ever be?) but I have made some visually small changes to track layout but significant to help with consistency and close racing.

It was hard to redesign after the fact and I agonised on how to achieve it but after many trials and errors, I am think I did good.

I setup a new 3D printer and started printing nonstop making mini people, various terrain scatter and buildings etc with more to come and be painted.

I printed a start gate but after 10hours into it realised  it was only 2 cars and couldn't be modified to house more cars, so I'm figuring out a way to do that post print. But more than happy with the way it works as is.

here are latest videos and I will hopefully start a new thread soon regarding a series and how to get involved!

Thanks for your patience during my build rants too!!!

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Playz 9/13/21

Just started erecting some track signage.

As a sign of appreciation to the community and an active way to support and promote the sport...I would be happy to display your logos trackside.

If your interested in getting your channel or name onto Thunder Mountain drop a post with link/picture of your logo. Oh and sub to the channel wouldn't hurt either but that's just shameless it not imperative...

I doubt I need to say this due to my tiny following ???? there is limited space available and they maybe(lol) a chance you  won't be displayed. Like I said I doubt it's going to be an issue but you never know????

  • Excellent developments, and the track is flowing well (bar a few judders out of the start gate). Great work! — H3zzard
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Playz Yesterday

Well I did it...

Thunder Mountain Raceway is open for business!

originally I had just planned to do a few filmed runs showing the modded 3D printed 2 car start gate  that now takes 4 cars and well it turned into a full scale production.

Be kind I am still trying to get better with each video.

  • Looks good dude. Nice work on the track. Will get you into the upcoming drn report — Chaos_Canyon

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