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BlueLine Middle Weight Modified Tournament

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GoldenOwl 3/14/21

Chester Copperpot and the Vantasy are headed your way

  • One of my favorite castings. The Seville. — CrazyEights
  • Wow, that Seville is really cool — BlueLineRacing
  • LOVE the Van man heck yeah! — Mattman213
  • Dude ........ love the artwork on the van. — SpyDude
  • Thank you gentlemen. — GoldenOwl
  • Awesome can! Reminds me of “Onward” — GhostDriver
  • It does doesn’t it lol -GhostDriver — GoldenOwl
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Mattman213 3/17/21

Everyone getting their Mods dialed in and ready to head out?  I wanna see some track records fall this race!  Get em right and get em out guys!


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GhostDriver 3/17/21

Just sent out The Phantom and Blue Devil yesterday. Should be there in time. Stretching castings was a disaster for me, and I didn't have the time these last couple weeks.

  • Ah yes the Vette can be a wicked quick casting, I have a couple waiting for me to build and the wheels you chose have proven to be solid in my experience. I also like the skull wheels so hopefully they do you well! — Mattman213
  • These look deadly. Nice work! — BlueLineRacing
  • Is that the grand cross? — CrazyEights
  • Thanks BLR!! — GhostDriver
  • Matt Inhad that Corvette laying around for some months and came across it again. It has a perfect layout for modifying. I’m hoping they do me justice as well... — GhostDriver
  • I have some plans for mine but need the right race to come up to get back on it! — Mattman213

The Golden Owl has arrived from across the country and these two entries are even cooler in person. Nice work!

  • Hell yeah!! Can’t wait to see them run — GoldenOwl

Mattman213 is in the house and he brought the heavy weights to play

Flips Racing is here and he went all F-150 on us

  • My favorite casting of all time right there! Liking that one with the large wheels on it. — GhostDriver
  • The F-150 is a great mod. — BlueLineRacing

The Fractal Panda is here all the way from Scotland UK

Uncle Elvis is ready with the Rapid Responder and the ever favorite Lamborghini Urus

G- Stackkkkerttttttttttt

DXP Racing rollin in to CT with the twin lifted Silverado's

RLo Racing made the quick trip to the Northeast Beast in the Lethal Diesel and stretched out Audacious!

Ghost Driver is here and look at that Grand Cross with skull wheels. Awesome!

  • Lol! I had the same idea for a grand cross I built. Great minds think alike. — CrazyEights
  • Have you seen the new red one? Its sweet looking. — CrazyEights
  • Yeah EightOC. I call this build “The Phantom”—like the comic book character. The Grand Cross is my favorite fantasy casting right now. Perfect for modifying. Looking forward to that build of yours my man — GhostDriver
  • EightOC I have seen the red Grand Cross. It has some potentially good wheels too. — GhostDriver

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