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BlueLine Racing’s-Ford F-150 Circuit Championship

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Mattman213 11/18/21

You know Ill be there!


Yes please put me down

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GrumpyCloud 11/19/21

I'd like a spot if you still have room.  Thanks.

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Crazy_Canuck 11/19/21

I'm in...

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MrDarq 11/19/21

Mr. Darq

woukd love a spot if available. 

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AJ_Grey 11/20/21

Can i enter?

  • Yes, you’re in, make sure to fully read the rules. — BlueLineRacing
  • I didn't see anything about a paint job. — AJ_Grey
  • If you want to paint a stock car it’s fine but not necessary. You can’t take the car apart though. This ain’t about paint it’s about speed — BlueLineRacing
  • I'm asking about the modified F-150 race. — AJ_Grey
  • Sorry, same rules apply, paint means nothing in my races. Make it fast — BlueLineRacing
  • Roger that.... — AJ_Grey
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RickLatshaw 11/20/21

If there's still room, I'll take a spot

 Lily's Boneyard

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Fractal_Panda 11/22/21

Count me in, please!

Assuming I can get hold of some dollars to send overseas, since no PayPal!

Also, is it still $8 with no return shipping, given I am in the UK?

  • I will allow PayPal for overseas racers. I’m just trying to make it easy to track. — BlueLineRacing
  • The $8.00 is to get the cars to 9 different tracks around the country. To send them back to Scotland would be additional but if you’re not in a rush we can work something out in bulk like the last time — BlueLineRacing
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Parker_Racing 11/23/21

Can you sign me up!!!

  • You’re in — BlueLineRacing
  • Does the $8 include return shipping or is that cost more if we want the cars back? — Parker_Racing
  • Includes shipping if you qualify in the top 32. If you don’t qualify you are placed into a DNQ tournamnet. If you win that you get the car back. If not you forfeit to the winner. Read over the rules — BlueLineRacing
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RustyWheeler 11/23/21

I'm in! Rusty Wheeler with Commotion Diecast. 

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GhostDriver 11/25/21

It's back baby!!! And boy are those wheels looking like potential winners.

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