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Candy Mountain Grand Opening (FULLLLL)

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Bolo_Brown 6/16/22

I'm definitely in this one

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BiffsPlace 6/16/22

I'll give this one a try Biff from Biffs place 

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Maldo 6/16/22

El jefe will be there

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Sneaky_Bob 6/16/22

Vapor Racing is in if there are any spots left.

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PuffsRacing 6/16/22

I want in 

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ShannonBR 6/17/22

If there is room Down Squad Racing is in!

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Bongo 6/17/22

Are we making this a themed race?

  • If possible we’d like to keep it to licensed cars. However, we do plan on running a fantasy race very soon :). Because it fits the track so well. Feel free to send and if we can’t make it into this race, we will get you in our first fantasy race — TinyTrackCars
  • I’ll stick to a licensed vehicle. I have a car nearly ready. — Bongo
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Numbskull 6/17/22

This sounds awesome, count me in please.

Cheers, Numbskull

Hey Everyone! We are still looking for a few more entries. I don't think we are quite at 16 yet. Let me know if you have any questions :) 

Would love to join is still have room

  • We still have space :) I’ll shoot you a private message — TinyTrackCars

If there is still room, DadBod Racing has an entry!

  • We should still have room! I have just over 16 messages but haven't received any cars yet. Lets get you in. If I have to start with more than 16 cars for qualifying, I am totally okay with that :) — TinyTrackCars
  • Awesome! Thanks for making room. I am looking forward to the race! — DadBod_Racing
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WallyChamp73 6/23/22

Can N.J.Drive Racing participate>

  • We should have our 16 in. However, you are more than welcome to send a car. We can just use it in our next upcoming race! Or if one of the 16 for this race don't make it, we can squeeze you in. — TinyTrackCars
  • ok, I will do that. Thanks so much! — WallyChamp73

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