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This question was asked via PM but I feel it does benefit the field.

"Can I do a wheel swap if it doesn't require modifying the body?"

The answer is yes, you can do a wheel swap as long as the original, unmodified body allows free spinning of the new wheels. Remember that NO mods to the body are permitted.

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Numbskull 7/19/22

Another dumb question: Can we sand/polish the bottom of the chassis? 

Unfortunately I don't really see these in the UK, and don't want to risk entering unless I find something suitable, which isn't guaranteed.  I'll keep my eye out for the next race!

  • Like, they sell out super fast or you folks do not get them at all? — Uncle_Elvis
  • I've not seen them in the supermarket at all this year, just the basic HW and Matchbox. There's a toy shop I could go to at the other end of town about 30 minutes drive away that *might* have them. — Fractal_Panda
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GrumpyCloud 7/20/22

Grumpy Cloud will take Darth Maul please.

  • Grumpy Cloud Racing will be driving Star Wars Darth Maul! You are on the roster! — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Thank you sir! I’ll try not to break in half. — GrumpyCloud
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RaSungod 7/20/22

Ra Sungod is signing up for this one! I'll pick a car later.

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RaSungod 7/20/22

Gonna nail the other racers like they're womprats

  • Nice pick, but I'll be waiting. — Numbskull
  • Ra Sungod will be driving Star Wars Luke Skywalker! You are on the roster! — Kaiju_Colorado

In with Daredevil 

Driver Name - Ned Mundson
Team/Sponsor - Tiny Track Cars

Iron Beard Customs/ James Iron Beard  Rocket, guardians of the galaxy 

  • Can’t use it. That’s a known car, the Fast Fish, with a different paint scheme and tampos. Has to be a character car. (There IS a Rocket Raccoon car, but it looks like his head.) — SpyDude
  • Well heck, I guess I'm out then. — Ironbeardcustoms
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MQHracing 7/21/22

Mqh racing is in if spot still open

donald Duck

Just needs wheels. The hardest part of building a quality Diecast racer.

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KandORacing 8/2/22

I'm wondering why my question in the PM I sent was never answered? Oh well, too late now anyways 

  • Chest is puffed out. He wants in! — BlueLineRacing
  • Sorry, I didn't reply. I've been extremely busy and you messaged me on my birthday and I was also celebrating my 19th wedding anniversary at the same time. But to answer your PM, the end of season King of Monsters race is where all champions from all of my races in the current season compete. So 8 tournaments in a season = 8 champions that compete against each other in King of Monsters. Also, I do not advertise prizes because I shouldn't have to bride participants with a prize for them to enter my tournaments. People should enter because they enjoy the channel and like the theme of the tournament. Not because they could win something free out of it. — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Happy belated birthday, and congratulations on your 19th wedding anniversary, that is awesome. Cheers, Numbskull. — Numbskull

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