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Chaos Canyon Outlaws driver call

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Kingjester 3/10/23

I'll join in on the action,you can count kingjester in especially as American muscle are my favorite type of cars

if i could join that would be cool

We are in for two - one for me one for my son - see who does the best ! 

I thought I was being slick and posted a link to this video for discussion .....I just wanted to say thanks guys this video is fantastic

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James_B 3/10/23

Count me in!

Driver: JB

Car name: TBA

car came with black windows and no interior but may try find another casting to swap over. Watch this space. 

Rabid Badger will be sending in a car! When are they due? I would like to get in on a group shipment from the US. Is anyone organizing one?

RSI would like to send one.

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EnZedRacing 3/10/23

So my Toyota RX3 S2000 with the driver Michael Hunt isn't going to qualify huh?

Back to the drawing board.....

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MadMike 3/10/23

I'd like to enter. Car is ready

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Numbskull 3/10/23

Count me in please.

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MQHracing 3/10/23

Mqh racing is in will message for address when car is done

I would like to join 

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