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Chaos Canyon Outlaws driver call

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Where do I sign up at ?

  • You build it, message us when the car is ready and we send you the address. If you don’t make season one, then you go into season 2 — Chaos_Canyon
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Damogts 3/25/23

Hi Thom,

I'm in for two please. Both my son and I have an entrant.

Regards Damian 

Hey everyone,

There's been some questions about entries on our FB page, so i thought I'd mention it here too. We never closed this off. If there are more cars sent than can compete per season, you just roll into the next season.

There's been a delay on the start of season 2 because people that said they would send cars either haven't or they didn't arrive. Added to that we have moved house and the Echo City track is still up but may be coming down soon as I build a new track at the new place. We have about 2/3 of the cars to fill season 2, so if you want to send a car, check the rules carefully and then send it down and we'll get you into the soonest season we can. Each season was planned to take about 3 months and the top list car at the end of each season goes on to the next season, and all others are eliminated. This is to keep the car roster fresh and rotating.

  • Sweet! Didn't realize this was a rolling entry format! Thanks for the heads up! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing

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