DDR: Into The Fire! | GT-Scorcher Open Modified Tournament *Still Accepting Entries!* Deadline 6/9

Wednesday, May 25th, 2022
Hosted by DDR [D1G1T4L Diecast Racing]
D1G1T4L Friday, 3/18/2022

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Rules & restrictions

  • Must be a GT-Scorcher Casting
  • Modified entries only
  • N/Ag maximum weight
  • Limit 1 entries per household
  • Cars will need to fit in a standard Orange Track
  • Retail axles and wheels only. FTE/NPA axles allowed.
  • Dry lube only
  • Must include Driver Number (FC-FS Leave info in Comments!)
  • No Stock Paint Please
  • Provide Driver Name + Team Name
  • For every 3 Drivers Received, DDR will enter 1 car to the Race Field!

Tournament Entry Fee: $5

Also include $5 for Return Entries

Dates & deadlines

All entries must be received by the host before Thursday, 6/9/2022. Racing is scheduled for Thursday, 6/16/2022. Results will be posted on or after that date as is convenient for the host.

How to enter

Send your entries to:
Brandyn Osborn
DDR [D1G1T4L Diecast Racing]
P.O. Box 14
Van Etten, NY 14889

Include at least $5.00 for return shipping if you want your entries back. Entries not getting returned will be given to the winner as part of the prize.

Include a Race Entry ID slip with your entry


Alternating Tracks Over 3 Event's. Starting On Boulder Bay.

Race format and scoring

Dependant on final Driver Count. Each Group of 4 will be randomly selected including one DDR "Joker Car"


No DQ... Though a -1 Lap penalty for a car breaking apart or a run ending in water on either track.

Tournament Prize! 

First Prize

6 Mainline
2 Boxed id
1 MBX Super Chase!

2nd Prize 

3rd Prize 

4th + 5th Prize

Interim Driver Roster:

#37 Crazy Canuck

#72 Papa Pugsley

#64 Dusty Oldford

#X Joker 1

#21 Numbskull

#71 D1G1

#79 Ra Sungod

#X Joker 2 

#11 Sam Haul

#0 U_U Underdogs_Unleashed

#17 Markus

#X Joker 3

#4 Rusty Rod

#57 Hades

#9 Uncle Elvis

#X Joker 4 

#73 Endcount

#22 Wally Champ

#13 Jerry

#X Joker 5 

#3 Chief 

#7 Dretty

#52 Leadfoot


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Crazy_Canuck 3/18/22

Yeah buddy...I'm in...

Crazy Canuck

  • Aye! Glad your down for another one! :) Lmk what # You prefer so i can get a list going! :) — D1G1T4L
  • Number 37 — Crazy_Canuck
  • Got it! :) — D1G1T4L
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Papa_Pugsley 3/18/22

You can put me down, #72

Driver = Papa Pugsley

Team = Man Child Motorsports

  • You got it! Happy to have you joining in! — D1G1T4L
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Spirit_Of_64 3/18/22

Yeah, let's go!

Driver-Dusty Oldford
Team-Spirit Of '64

  • Haha alright let's get it! :) — D1G1T4L
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Numbskull 3/18/22

This sounds awesome.  Count me in please.

Team: Numbskull Racing 

Driver: Numbskull

Number: 21

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D1G1T4L 3/19/22

I forgot to add myself in there so i'll slide into the 6th spot here! 

#71 Driver: D1G1 Team: D1G1 Mod Worx

You cant expect me not to try and give you guys a run for the money, would ya?! 

(Even if myself or a "Joker" Car manages to win, I'm giving the prize to whoever is our Top Competitor!) 

Excited for the turn out so far guys! This could be a big one! Our first "Joker" is now in The Mix! :) 

Figured it'd be a fun way to pad our field here a bit! There are 7 potential Jokers incase anyone was wondering!

Oh and for those curious... heres my Scorcher. Just need the # still but took a nice shot today! 

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RaSungod 3/20/22

Ra Sungod of Ra Sungod Racing is ready to join the fray! #79

  • Let's do this! Got ya on the list! — D1G1T4L
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Sam_Haul 3/20/22

Driver:  Sam Haul

Team DRT3K 


  • You got it boss! so pumped to see what you guys all come up with! :) — D1G1T4L
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D1G1T4L 3/21/22

Alright guys! i'm excited with this potential Roster already here! With Ra Sungod's entry, our 2nd "Joker" car has entered the Roster. So i'm thinking when we hit 12 drivers here, ill update the prizes. thinking our Top 5, Everyone should get something! 

This GT-Scorcher platform doesnt have a crazy amout of wiggle room for building. maybe if you cut out the back of the interior. I was only able to add about a 4g weight to my casting so just a heads up.

I'll keep you guys updated as we move closer to the date! :) 

U_U would like to participate if time allows it.

Life is kind of crazy these days hahah, I'll read more about the rules and deadlines pretty soon, but I'd like to keep a spot for number 0 please :)

  • I'll pen you into the list! :) — D1G1T4L
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MarkRich21 3/21/22

I´d love to send a car from Bavaria, Brandyn.

#17 pleeze



  • Awesome!!! Excited to have you join in! :) — D1G1T4L
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Rusty_Rod 3/21/22

Is it to late to enter,if not save me a slot ,#4,Rusty ,for Rusty rods racing,thanks 

  • Rusty Rod checking in! Nice, you got it man! — D1G1T4L
  • Thanks,got 1tore down now lol — Rusty_Rod
  • My entry will be enroute by the end of the week — Rusty_Rod
  • Awesome man! Thanks for the update! :) — D1G1T4L
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D1G1T4L 3/21/22

Alright it looks like we've got 13 now! The 3rd "Joker" is in the field! I'll update the prizes over the next day or so to let you guys know what im thinking! Gotta dig through the collection and see what we've got! :) Excited for the potential turnout so far! 

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