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Diecast_MEGA_G_Down_Hill Tuesday, 4/6/2021


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SpyDude 4/6/21

I'm in. What have you got?

SpyDude, Aces High Racing, USA

This is the ANACONDA RUN. approximately 35 feet long. Over 7 feet tall. Custom built track. Made from wood. Custom track surface. (TOP SECRET). She's very fast and unforgiving. Only the straightest driving cars will not get caught in her belly. Go to the face book page, Diecast MEGA G Down Hill  to do some research on the track. 

This track is the first of 4 tracks under construction at Garden Super Speedway Park. There are at least three more tracks in the planning process. 

I'm CanadianSTIG. The barrel roll guy from qualifying in the Mustang tournament on the Helix track at Chaos Canyon. I will be your host along with Black Magic Rider.  

Closing date for entries will be April 30th. Road robin style tournament for ALL cars that arrive. PLEASE include return shipping with your mail in. ALL cars with no return shipping will be Awarded as prizes.  

This is the integral race tournament so we have chosen to go open class. In other words, RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG. no qualifying races just straight into it. Cars will be lined up in competition order as they arrive in the mail.

Big shout out to to my favorite builders. Looney Mooneys, 3D Botmaker, Mays Mountain, Jackson Pass Speedway, The Amigoes. Flat Rabit, and Monster Motor Speedway.  

For those who want to, I am encouraging drivers to stay as house drivers and or test/stunt drivers during future track development. Please indicate if you wish to be one of these future drivers. 


  • Application fr both driver positions submitted. — SpyDude
  • Looks like fun but I wouldn't be able to get a car to you in time. Good luck, and make sure to post a link to your channel in the DSPN forum so we can get you into the upcoming reports — Chaos_Canyon
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