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DRN Weekly Diecast Racing Report

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DyNMQ 9/11/21

Good day! We've just kick started our newest tournament and now on qualifying round. American Frontier by SilverFox Racing.

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Playz 9/12/21

The 50th episode was great, just great to see how far everyone has evolved over in reality such a short time!

great work over there in NZ just brilliant!!!

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Clint 9/21/21

Hello I would like you to use footage from my videos on your channel. My Gt tournament is finishing soon with the last race coming soon.

  • Thanks. Will try to get you into upcoming episodes — Chaos_Canyon

I'm struggling with how to add something...

  • If you want us to put you in an upcoming episode, just copy the link from the address bar of your channel and paste it here. We'll put it into our list and check it each time we do a report. — Chaos_Canyon
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agungugang 9/24/21

hi guys, I'm still in the process of learning to find the best video image quality, especially the lighting is still not optimal before starting the racing league, please stop by my channel if you have time, thanks

Summers Raceway 2021 N Case Showdown

  • Thanks. You only need to post a link to your channel once. We try to check each channel every time we do a report but we can’t always fit everyone in, but we try to get as many as possible — Chaos_Canyon
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agungugang 10/7/21

Just started a new turnament, please stop by if you have time :)

Mini League Season 1 | Motorized Diecast Race

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djtripplej 10/8/21

Power Drive Racing is currently running our first tounament.  The BlackFire Tyer Invitational.  The first four heats have been uploaded, with heats 5 thru 7 on the editing table.  The semi finals, the Wildcard run offs, and the finals have all been filmed and will all be uploaded before the end of October.  I've been working with new camera equipment and some of the footage is raw, yet as the tounament progressed it has improved imensly.  We have added some post tournament grudge matches and challenges along with some racing stills. Stop by and check it out.  This is a still taken from a post tournament exhibition where Cahos insued.  

Hay team

Have started a channel with my kids. We are Extreme Treadmill Racing. ( 

Each season we run a series of races to crown a champion. Season 4 has just started. All a bit of fun...... PLEASE give me any advice to make the channel better :) 

  • Thanks. We'll have a look at it and try to get you into future episodes. — Chaos_Canyon
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D1G1T4L 10/10/21

Figure i'd pop in and give a little update! We are almost wrapped up with our Muscle Masters! Tournament. Next week we run our Top 8 till we Crown our first Muscle Master! 

Our Fresh Blood - Fresh Speed (Mail-in) Series is getting close to the finals as well! It's been a crazy first Season here for DDR! Hope you Racers N' Chasers have enjoyed the ride! 

Our Season 1 Finale "Celebration of Champions" Race weeked runs November 5-6! Hope to see you all join us an celebrate just how far we've come! (Season 2 Set for Debut in Mid Feburary 2022) 

Big shout out to Thom for helping spread the joy of our crazy hobby with the masses! You sir are a saint! Excited to visit Chaos Canyon sometime in the near future! - D1G1

Hi buddies. I do have a new video for my new diorama. I did a cinematic video for it. Hope you can check it out????

  •, the 1st overall racer group is out — I_hi1342

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