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DRN Weekly Diecast Racing Report

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SummersRaceway 10/19/21

It's Halloween month and in addition to our special halloween unboxings, Summers Raceway is hosted the HW Zombies vs. Dia De Los Muertos Tournament race.

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madmax 10/22/21

Just kicking off our Vintage Redline can am qualifying.

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Dretty 10/22/21

Mini Mafia Motors out of Long Beach, CA would like to add the Splinter Sprint Speedway to the diecast report. 

I run a 20 car field. Best of the bunch is deemed TK (Track King). If they best Shredder (the 'boss') 3 of 5 they move to the 'Sensei Seat' & become CHAMPION of the Speedway. Where they remain until another driver makes it up the ranks to challenge them. 

Heres a link to a recent race/round:

Thanks in advance for your consideration 



  • Great thanks. Will try to get you into future episodes — Chaos_Canyon

Summers Raceway 2021 P Case Showdown

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SummersRaceway 11/21/21

Summers Raceway 2021 Q Case Showdown!

  • Thanks but we’ve stopped doing the reports now for the foreseeable future — Chaos_Canyon

Hi guys!

Brilliant thing you are doing for the community.

I thought I should add my channel for your next vid (i see your last one was your last for a while)...

I run Thunder Valley with my 13 year old Daughter and we have a blast! Usually one main 8 car race during the week and a Sunday 2 heat head to head race called "Silly Sunday"...

Dropping a vid in the morning with Fast and furious spy racers taking on the police... Accidentally called the BMW a rice burner in my excitment lol, however I didnt realise I even said it until I was watching the preview on Youtube....oh well lol...

anyway heres a link to the channel. Once again thanks a billion for all you do for us muggles, Macey at Aussie diecast racing league

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