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DRN Weekly Diecast Racing Report

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SummersRaceway 10/19/21

It's Halloween month and in addition to our special halloween unboxings, Summers Raceway is hosted the HW Zombies vs. Dia De Los Muertos Tournament race.

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madmax 10/22/21

Just kicking off our Vintage Redline can am qualifying.

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Dretty 10/22/21

Mini Mafia Motors out of Long Beach, CA would like to add the Splinter Sprint Speedway to the diecast report. 

I run a 20 car field. Best of the bunch is deemed TK (Track King). If they best Shredder (the 'boss') 3 of 5 they move to the 'Sensei Seat' & become CHAMPION of the Speedway. Where they remain until another driver makes it up the ranks to challenge them. 

Heres a link to a recent race/round:

Thanks in advance for your consideration 



  • Great thanks. Will try to get you into future episodes — Chaos_Canyon

Summers Raceway 2021 P Case Showdown

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SummersRaceway 11/21/21

Summers Raceway 2021 Q Case Showdown!

  • Thanks but we’ve stopped doing the reports now for the foreseeable future — Chaos_Canyon

Hi guys!

Brilliant thing you are doing for the community.

I thought I should add my channel for your next vid (i see your last one was your last for a while)...

I run Thunder Valley with my 13 year old Daughter and we have a blast! Usually one main 8 car race during the week and a Sunday 2 heat head to head race called "Silly Sunday"...

Dropping a vid in the morning with Fast and furious spy racers taking on the police... Accidentally called the BMW a rice burner in my excitment lol, however I didnt realise I even said it until I was watching the preview on Youtube....oh well lol...

anyway heres a link to the channel. Once again thanks a billion for all you do for us muggles, Macey at Aussie diecast racing league

Hi I did a "Station wagon race"

Asahi Builder Company - YouTube

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Coal_Hills 1/9/22

Good day and Happy New Year from Vancouver Island in Canada! I figured it's time to share where  Bobby Ore of the wannabes in the Outlaw Series gets his driving skills from. He used to be a miner at the Coal Hills mine before the market tanked and he had to find a new way to put gas in the tank. He and other townfolk in Dodge turned their town and mine into a racetrack and now they are happy to present Coal Hills Raceway, a truly underground race scene.

Have a great 2022 and as they say in the mine, pour on the coal, it's race time!

I'd be pleased to have the raceway featured in the DRN.  Cheers!

Is this the right place to get get involved with the DRN Report.  The next question is how do I post a picture or video or a "link" that allows you to use my footage in an upcoming Spy Report. 

  • Yup this is the right place. If you copy the link for your channel from your browser you can paste it into a comment on this forum — Chaos_Canyon

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