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DSPN Weekly Diecast Racing Report

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Saleens281 1/8/21

34 New Years Eve Hot wheels work tournament. It was a hit got a lot of guys into the die cast racing! Figured I'd post it here as well for you diecast fans!

I just realized that it is a little late for the drivers call so you don't have to do that if you were going to.

The First of Three Fantasy Tournaments that I'm running just finished. This is the finals video. Fantasy tournament #2 is open and in need of Participants. If you don't want to watch the whole thing Lily the Dog does a full side flip on the last lap. Its pretty sweet. Thank you for the work that you do. :) I also have a new track on the way.

Hi buddies,

Great to see you back this year for the wrap-ups. Hope you can check my latest video. I've made a presentation review for my latest diorama set. For sure you guys will love it????

  • Its a strange thing to notice but I really love how clean and clear the video is. It's almost perfection but it still looks very real and amazing. — RoadRunnerRacewayFan
  • I love both the diorama and video quality. Well done! — DyNMQ
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Exyizee 1/22/21

Hope all can come and check us out over on YouTube 1:64 Underground Diecast Racing

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Ashen 2/2/21

Hi Chaos Canyon!, here is first day races on Rocky Creek Challenge!
Raceday is on every Tuesday on Youtube Diecast & Racing 's channel 
Hope everyone enjoys!

  • Awesome, thanks. Will definitely get your track into a new report — Chaos_Canyon
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Sarge 2/6/21

AWESOME!  Just recently getting (re)aquainted with diecast, and I love seeing all the great tracks! DSPN is one of my favorite shows! I've discovered so many great tracks by watching DSPN. Thanks for posting the billboard images. I hope to have my own track up eventually and it will definitely have a DSPN billboard.

  • You're welcome. That's why we do it. There are so many different tracks out there but it can be really hard to get discovered. When your track and channel are up and running make sure to post a link here so we can try and get you into the reports — Chaos_Canyon
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DyNMQ 2/9/21

Good day! This is the first race of the Outback Run Season 2 tournament I did. It's probably not that good but I had fun making it :). Will of course improve it on future races. Hopefully it could be included in the next DSPN report.

Kicked off the final fantasy Tournament Before the playoffs. Loving the DSPN Thanks a lot.

Sorry about this but I forgot to add my newly started Monday night relay races. Two cars are working together to win a race. Lots of fun.

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dustdriver 2/14/21

This track was mostly a test track to see how well a track with battery powered boosters would work in the snow. I had a lot of fun with it. I'm getting back into the Diecast car hobby again. Can't wait to share more tracks and Diecast racing with you all! I'd love to have one of my diecast racing videos featured on the report sometime.

Snow Track with Turbo Boosters

I'm trying to work out how to do better camera angles, and that was something I attempted in my Snow Track video. Not sure how well it turned it. Anyway, I'll have to test out more camera angles sometime. Might try using my phone as a second camera, most of the time I time I just use my photo / video camera which is attached to a stand. 

  • Cool, thanks. Will get you into the next report in a couple of weeks — Chaos_Canyon
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Guingoyo 2/27/21

Hello, here i shared my track thanks for your videos they are great

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