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Dynasty of Dodge Tournament

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Big_Al 2/4/21

Just got this in the mail.  2018 MBX Charger with HW wheels.

Hey everyone!  For those of you not on Facebook or only entering via Redline, I have asked all drivers, if they'd wish, to send me their logo so I can put them all up around the track.  So if any on here have a logo they haven't sent to me via Facebook, please post that here.



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MTThought 2/8/21

Got 2 headed your way, 2/8/21. Secret Tower Tuning says hi!

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Sam_Haul 2/8/21

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Big_Al 2/8/21

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Dogtown 2/21/21

Patiently waiting for a track to explode on, You can stunt if you want but your ass will get rolled on...

Can't wait! I really hope I can keep up. Good luck everyone 

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