Buy, Sell, TradeeBay Listings: Hot Wheel Lots from JDC442's Collection (starting at 99 cents)


This next lot includes a variety of castings from the 2003 Special Series Cars.

Here's a link to everything I have listed right now.

I am going to try and put up a few more large 99 cent lots later today.

Thinning the herd? I do see some good ones in there, dodge caravan, chaparral,

This is a lot of various 1995 thru 1997 First Edition and Special Series Hot Wheels.

I'm starting this lot out at 99 cents as well.  Some pretty fast castings in this one.

That 1997 Vette... dig it...
Good ones in there...BMW, Funnies, W2F

Some 2004 First Editions.  Has the original Cadillac V16 and some Batmobile variations.

great Nova here

FREE SHIPPING on the 1st Edition and Series lots -check 'em out.

Next up will be a large lot of holiday-themed Hot Wheels.  Mostly Christmas, St. Patty's Day and Halloween cars.

Four listings left.  Check them out!

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