El Jefe de la Montaña Update

Guingoyo Sunday, 6/27/2021

Track Upgrade 

First I want to thank the administrators of this page for allowing me to be part of the group. Last and second to all the people who have support my youtube channel even when my videos are make in Spanish,  thanks for sent your cars to our track, (Chell Hell Chit, Diego, Thunder, John G, Vapor Racing, Sneaky BoB, Haus Steiner, Wally Champ, Uncle Elvis, GoldenOwl, DamDiecast etc) I hope you like this track and thanks for your support, more tournament comming soon, like always with winning prices for the winner, if you are new here don't forget to follow us on youtube ... and follow us on facebook ...


let me heard your opinion with this upgrade 

Take care diecast racing fans 

Att Guingoyo


The new track layout is looking really nice. I like the undulating track rather than them just being totally flat/straight

  • Thanks Chaos It means a lot for me your opinion thanks for you support to us we really appreciated that — Guingoyo
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Guingoyo 7/5/21


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DamDiecast 7/6/21

The new track looks sick!! Great looking paint/scenery....and looks like there will be some fast side by side racing, cant wait!!!!

  • Thanks just finishing some details , i hope by the end of this month will be ready and the tournament will start — Guingoyo
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Playz 7/9/21

Your new layout look great!

I just started building my track so I would love to see more behind the scenes stuff if you have video or pictures 

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WallyChamp73 7/10/21

The new track looks great!!!

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Guingoyo 7/11/21

this week 

2d tournament goes live 


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Guingoyo 7/14/21

here is youtu.be/0eNORspRW8c  

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Guingoyo 7/15/21

Having fun with this youtu.be/0eNORspRW8c 

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