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Grand Opening Celebration. Qualifying Lap parts 1 & 2 are uploading to YouTube.

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All cars have passed the weight in.  Due to not enough outside participation, we have entered all of the cars we have customized.  The rule of Non Hotwheels castings with Coloured wheels would have left us with only 3 or 4 cars to race.  I even aloud a car that fell 3 grams under the minimum 50g weight.  We, (my brother and I), are beginner builders, so, I do not expect us to have too much of a home track advantage.  

I have uploaded the weight in video to my YouTube Channel. 

I have uploaded the Practice lap to YouTube and Facebook.  The Practice Lap, sets the starting order for the Qualifying Lap. Both of these laps are Non Eliminatetion laps.  Qualifying Lap will be filmed as soon as the weather cooperates again.   Today the wind is too much. The wind will just cause the phone mic to make a lot of noise.

Qualifying Lap is uploading!!  To YouTube. I will also upload to the Facebook page.

Unfortunately I sometimes have a problem with hitting the stop button instead of the pause button.  Therefore there is 2 Videos to watch.  Part one is around 3 plus minutes and part two is just over 24 min.  Please enjoy our version of Reality TV. 

Spring rains have inandated the track with flood conditions. Strong winds have blown debris all over Snow Leopard Mountain Range.  Lighting storms have just added to the Majesty of it all. 

The first Elimination Lap will commence as the weather permits us to do so.

Regularly I post weather updates and track condition reports to YouTube.  Stay Up-to-date. We have tried several times film the first Elimination Lap. 1 time we got 4 cars down the run and were rained out.  2nd time landlord/farmer came with his kids, we raced bigger indistructable cars for them. Another time, I got 9 cars on the lap and I ran out of data on my SD card. We forgot to use spare phone to capture where all the cars finished. So, when I found a different SD card a couple of days later.... And it has been raining off and on and patchy sunny, thunder and lightning, hail...

So.  We working on finishing the races.  Please stand by.

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