Graphite application with eyedropper

FredD Tuesday, 9/12/2023

Man do I hate me some graphite. That little tube thingy is the worst. Just poof and splotch. Everywhere! I learned to hate it back when my son was a scout. The kids got covered in it along with everything else! But it works pretty well and is accepted by most tracks and races that I have seen, so do it I must. I started adding the powdered graphite to an eye dropper bottle then filling with 91% rubbing alcohol and shaking vigorously. It seems to me to go on a little easier and is much easier to control. I believe others have tried this as well. Hopefully it proves its merits as the other way of poof and pray just does not cut it for me! If anyone has any great methods they would like to share... I am all ears!


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dr_dodge 9/12/23

use vodka, less residue left after evaporation

hobby lobby's also has moly in it

I add additional moly to mine

(moly = molybdenum disulfide)


  • vodka would make it difficult for me to work on my projects! lol ... I have seen moly and I also have teflon powder... maybe some kind of mixture might do. — FredD
  • Hey Fred, I made a video last year about using iso and graphite and shared it here. Works great! DD, vodka has more water in it than iso. If you're set on using distilled spirits I'd think Everclear would be preferable to vodka. But what do I know? I don't waste my vodka. ;) — FeralPatrick
  • in the lab, I have seen iso sometimes leaves a film — dr_dodge
  • Thanks Mate... the jury is still out for me but still playing with it. — FredD
  • Holy Smokes EverClear car run your Car! Used to make (Tranya) as a teen.Everclear,7 up,, Sherbert Icecream and Fruit. — Bent_Rod_Racing

This is what I have. Hobby town find, works great and keeps form getting Graphite everywhere.

  • nice... I'll see if I can find one similar... — FredD
  • I use that, works great! I use isopropyl alcohol, no water — G_ForceRacing
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Go_Time 9/14/23

Hello everyone...look on ebay or amazon for 1oz or 2oz squeeze bottle with Luer lock caps usually come in packs of 5 (I think).  Then on same sites look up 14ga blunt tip needles.  Fill bottle with graphite, put cap on, install blunt tip luer lock needle and you have great control of graphite.  I used to use the graphite that had flakes so I used the 14ga...but if its really fine graphite you could probably use an 18ga.  I'll see if I can post some pics or links later when I get home.

  • nice! Will do! — FredD
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