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Grudge Match

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Mattman213 7/28/21

Flip81 vs Mattman213 Grudge Race:

HW XJ220

Original body and chassis, original body lines but wheel well clearancing and aero (slicking out) mods allowed.  NO stretching, original wheel base only.

Any size and width wheel/axles allowed.  No home built/bearing wheels etc.  Tubes allowed if necessary

70g or less per Bluelines 70g list rules

First to win 2 in a row (one W in each lane) takes it all.  If they go 8 races without a winner, track times will be averaged and the fastest average will win.  IF they remain tied at this point, fastest pass of the series breaks the tie.  

This will be a PINKS race as well.  Winner takes all.  We are looking to see if these mods can crack Blueline's NASTY 70g list so if either one tops the list but loses overall, it can go home as it rightfully should.  Otherwise winner takes all.

Were shooting for 2 weeks build time so long as everything goes well for both.


  • Starting on mine now! This is going to be fun! — Flip81
  • Ive gutted and stripped a previous build completely down to bare chassis and metal. Time to see if it can be brought back to GLORY or if Ill be starting fresh. — Mattman213
  • Where’s the Blueline 70g specs? — SpyDude
  • You want my specs? My specs are I’ll spot you 10 grams and I’ll race a production car back any car of your choice. If you don’t want to race me then it’s up to you and whoever else you challenge. — BlueLineRacing
  • No, I was looking for your 70g list rules. I was wondering what the Nasty 70g was. But I may take you up on that challenge sometime in the future. — SpyDude
  • Send whatever you want, 70g, 4” inches. Or less. Retail wheels — BlueLineRacing
  • Just so you know. You built a 70g Shoebox for a 100g race — BlueLineRacing
  • I know, I was going to push it higher, but ran out of weights. — SpyDude
  • if that keeps me from running, that's okay, send it back. I'll do some more work on it, send it to another race. — SpyDude
  • Not at all just letting you know — BlueLineRacing
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SpyDude 7/29/21

Ca$h, you wanna throw down? Lethal Diesels, 70g? Best three out of five takes it?

Im also willing to wait, as I know you're entering a couple of other events. No rush, whenever is convenient for you.

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MadMike 7/30/21

Crazy_Canuk let's do a Canadian grudge match. I'll run my 75g fiero 

Any casting match the weight of mi e as best u can

Factory axles and wheels only

You up for it?

  • K bud…let’s throw it down…I will match your weight in a MINI Cooper…let’s go — Crazy_Canuck
  • Hell ya even comparable sized cars great choice — MadMike
  • The MINI Grudgeman is ready…should be hitting the post office in the next couple of days…see you soon buddy — Crazy_Canuck
  • Awesome im getting my box together for blueline aswell — MadMike
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GhostDriver 7/31/21

Wow great idea!! This is going to be some good racing!!

  • Who are you calling out ? — BlueLineRacing
  • I haven’t thought of anyone since I don’t have a racing rival. But I’ll gladly take on any challenger—win, lose, or draw. — GhostDriver

I know I've got a 70g Shoebox with you that won't be in the Shoebox race, since it  has been replaced by the 100g Shoebox I sent out.

I'd love to see it run in a grudge match, but given I'm not fast when it comes to drag racing, preferably against someone around my speed.

  • I’ve got my purple roadrunner already at blueline…it ran mid 1.9’s. I’ll put that up against your 70g Shoebox if you want — Crazy_Canuck
  • Crazy Canuck, yeah definitely! It can be a revenge grudge match for whichever of us loses out in our match up in tonight's Race of the Rising Sun :-). — Fractal_Panda
  • I’ll make it happen guys. Good Luck — BlueLineRacing
  • You guys want a best time wins or a 3 out 5 heads up? — BlueLineRacing
  • I like the idea of a best 3 out of 5, but I'm happy with either option — Fractal_Panda
  • 3 of 5 would be awesome! — Crazy_Canuck
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Flip81 8/1/21

I'd like to extend a challenge out to Blueline. The casting would be a Camaro of any year at 70g. No filling of the windows, must keep original body lines, No stretching. Any wheels and axles, No bearings. The second part of the challenge will be to have the cars at the track and ready to race two weeks after the date the challenge has been excepted . If a car is not ready that builder will forfeit the race. The loser of the race will have to purchase a trophy for the winner. Must win 3 out of 5 races. 

  • Accepted — BlueLineRacing
  • I say we race for pinks though. — BlueLineRacing
  • Awesome. So cars need to be ready to race on the 15th. I'll start on something tomorrow. Good luck — Flip81
  • Pinks is fine with me — Flip81

Our first grudge match is up. Remember to email me first if you intend on sending in cars so we can set up a date.

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GhostDriver 8/2/21

I'll extend a challenge to the phenom, Healer Racing, for a 70g race. If/When he accepts we can work out the details and date.

Grudge Match!!

Late August,

Best 3 out of 5

Spydude vs

Ca$h Money Him$elf

Lethal Diesel 70g

Hard 70 (but eligible to qualify for

Blueline's NASTY 70g list)

1. Wheel Swaps

2. Custom Paint req’d

3. Original Chassis and Body

4. Rematch Clause: Loser reserves right to rematch based on WinnersChoice and Specifications before accepting new challengers.

5. Bragging Rights only (no pinks)

  • You got it — BlueLineRacing
  • Let's do it. See you in the rear view. :p — SpyDude
  • Both cars verified. Will be in the mail 8/17/‘21 — CaShMoneyBoyS
  • Should we do a scale check with Blueline to make sure our scales are calibrated correctly? — SpyDude
  • If BlueLines not too busy i wouldnt have a problem with it. — CaShMoneyBoyS
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Oh hell yeah!!!!

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VoxxerRacing 8/10/21

Grudge Match ....  Voxxer Racing vs Rivera " Noodles " Racing 

PINKS ..... CCM ( Country Club Muscle  )  NE Beast rules apply.  Going for Sept 15th Mail In date.   

  • Oh Boy, Here We Go.... Smack Talking Already! It’s BIG ROMY - RIVERA RACING — RIVERA_RACING
  • Now we’re talkin — BlueLineRacing
  • Awesome casting selection! What is the weights ya’ll going for? — CaShMoneyBoyS
  • 70g....We are using Bluelines Rules and Guidelines to keep it fair and Nuetral. — RIVERA_RACING
  • If I win, I will even give you the opportunity to buy your car back? (after I post it on eBay).... Seriously, I will give you the opportunity to buy it back at a fair price! Or I can Smash it with a Hammer? Just giving you options as a loser, of course if you lost to a rookie, like me :) — RIVERA_RACING

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