GTR Halftime Soapbox Derby Challenge

Wednesday, January 31st, 2024
Hosted by Gravity Throttle Racing
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GravityThrottleRacing Sunday, 7/2/2023

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The tradition of the GTR halftime show continues. Now it is your chance to make it even more WHACKY! Can you build a Hotwheel’s sized soapbox derby car that makes it to the bottom of Shavano Mountain Raceway? Be prepared for some extra obstacles on the track.

Just enter and ship! No deadline.

Rules & restrictions

  • Modified entries only
  • 1,000,000g maximum weight
  • See details in description
  • Limit 100 entries per household
  • Retail axles and wheels only. FTE/NPA axles allowed.
  • Dry lube only

Weight restrictions:
40g minimum. Added weight may be visible. In fact, your soapbox derby vehicle can be just a bunch of tire weights with wheels if you prefer!

Size limitations: Okay, pay attention to this part.
1. It must fit on the standard orange Hot Wheels flat track.
2. Height is limited 2” because of the tunnel next to the train. Adding a spring-like flag stick that is higher than 2” is acceptable if it can bend over.
3. Width. If you’re going to add wings for example, they should be at least ¾” off the ground and the wing span should be 2.5” or less.
4. Length. Technically there is no limit, but if you want to make it down successfully you should probably keep it to 4.5” or less. The example above is 4” long.
5. Clearance. Use this rule of thumb. 1 mm of ground clearance for every 5mm from the centerline of the wheels.
6. Adding a trailer: Sure, that would be interesting. The length of the start gate is 6.5”.

A 1:64 Driver and Navigator. If you do not own 1:64 scale figures, the host (GTR) will gladly let Harvey and Billy (the Hold My Beer guys) take the wheel.  Moe only gets onboard if it's really fast! You must make room for at least two (2) 1:64 scale figures to fit in.  Please note, we do not have any sitting figures, so we encourage you to include sitting 1:64 scale figures with your entry.  The driver and navigator cannot be glued, taped, or stapled in, but you can have a roll bar like you see in amusement rides (i.e. roller coaster).

Windows: Huh? Who cares!

Custom paint: Sure.

Racing number: Sure. Why not?

Modified suspension: Go for it!

How many wheels can I put on my soapbox derby car? How many do you have?

Offensive stuff: This event is for fun and laughs! Please, no distasteful, sexually explicit, politically charged, or offense graphics or markings of any kind on your entry. If you’re shipping a driver and navigator, please no bikini girls and nothing that degrades either sex. Thank you!

The goal is to successfully carry both the driver and navigator down the Shavano Mountain Raceway in the fastest time possible. Your soapbox derby car does not have to make it down in one piece. Parts are allowed and encouraged to fly off. 

Dates & deadlines

No deadline. Send it when you are ready!

Include a Race Entry ID slip with your entry

How to Enter

No entry fee. If you want your entry returned, please include cash to cover the return shipping cost.

Shipping address:
2420 N. Longwood Circle
Wichita, Kansas 67226

When in doubt or you have a question, please message me on FB or here on the Redline Derby website.
Good luck!


Shavano Mountain Raceway

Race format and scoring

This is for serious laughter only!


If your soapbox derby entry arrives broken, I will do my best to repair. I may contact you with questions.


The sheer laughter from all your diecast friends!


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This sound interesting. I'll see what I can muster. 

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speedtrap 7/2/23

I am in! Speedtrap #46!

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NDeavers80 7/2/23

Now I have a reason to send those other vehicles to you. I'm in

Yes I am in!

This will be a great fun to build! Let's go!

Snowy-Shift is in!!!

Snowy-Shift Racing

Just forgot the car nunber is 10.

What a great idea! Once my race is over I will put one together! 

I'll try to create sumthin sumthin im in

We are up for it ! Will let my son plan and do most of this one. He loves the idea !! 

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Mayfield41 7/3/23

I am so wanting in on this. Seen my DQed truck at the halftime show. 

  • Yes, you did! Which means I'm REALLY late in returning it to you. I like the truck...hehe. Glad you're gonna participate. — GravityThrottleRacing

Oh my, I am so up for this Load of Fun!

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