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GTR Halftime Soapbox Derby Challenge

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dr_dodge 8/18/23

I'll in something with the wagon

great idea!


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dr_dodge 9/23/23

not exagerating


Hey bro can i join

(OP Diecast King)

  • Yes you can! This "race" is purely for fun and entertainment. Builders just send me stuff and I race it down with Harvey, Moe and Billy (aka the Hold My Beer guys) trying to hang on all the way down. Read thru the size limitations so you're certain it'll work. Have fun! -Mark H. — GravityThrottleRacing

Ok i join 

but how long does it takes to ship my car from indonesia all the way to america?
Because i afraid that my car arrived late

  • If you want to build a car for the soapbox derby halftime show, there is no deadline. Just send it when you're ready. -Mark — GravityThrottleRacing
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Fat_Dad 10/22/23

Finishing mine up this week and shipping!

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HSLmotorsports 11/18/23

IDK how many I'll finish but I'm sending in a bunch! I want to put on a really nice show!

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