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Hairy Man Mountain Runs Inaugural Winter Rally Race ( Full )

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G_ForceRacing 11/12/23

My Mercedes Type A almost ready to head North! 

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Fat_Dad 11/12/23

Room for one more? (nm just saw it's full) 

  • I am running them in two's, Your in, have time to get one more in or I will figure it out. — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • Yes! Thank you! — Fat_Dad

Maddie, Hairy and Fluffy welcoming Schotty To the Mountain.

Maddie, Hairy and Fluffy welcoming Bolo Brown to the Mountain Run.

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DemonPreacher 11/16/23

I'll give it a shot if you've still got an opening. 

Room for one more? I missed the deadline for the Guten Tag race.

For the stock wheels. Does it have to be the wheels from the package or from another car's stock wheels.

  • Retail axles and wheels only Means wheels you get from cars on the pegs so they don’t have to be the ones that came with the car — RLoRacing
  • Thanks Arlo for the info — Durian_Motorsports
  • Thank you RLO, Been sick for a few days — Bent_Rod_Racing
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Ghoul_City 11/19/23

Ghoul City Racing would like to enter for one #68

Maddie, Hairy Man and Fluffy welcoming Georgio To Hairy man Mountain Run.

Maddie, Hairy Man and Fluffy welcoming FredD to Hairy Man Mountain Run. Been whistling for Koots but he's stil up on the Mountain eyeballing Scenery!

Maddie, Hairy Man and Fluffy Welcoming Georgio To Hairy Man Mountain Run.

Boxes for Entry slips and return postage. Easy way to keep track of documents and shipping boxes.

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