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EconoCarl Friday, 2/15/2013

This is from our buddy Rick Ways over on the HWC website.
Rick is also interested in hosting races in our series as time permits.

, on Flickr

4oz class - open to any DOMESTIC casting

We will use a points system for 2013, I know it's kinda late to be adding/changing things but this isn't really a huge change but may add some spice to the events, especially for the end of the year.

You are allowed up to 3 castings per class for both the 2oz and 4oz classes. You can send more or build less than 3 but only your 3 fastest will make the race.

You do not have to enter all the races or all the classes but the more you enter the better your chances are at being crowned a class CHAMP at the end of the year.

There will be announced Championship winners for both classes.

- 2pts per casting that qualifies and makes the event
--if you enter 3 cars in the 2oz and 3 cars in the 4oz, you get 6pts total for 2oz and 6pts total for 4oz. This is a TEAM points concept. So you can or could get 6pts just for having 3 cars make the field!!!

- 10pts for a round win
--it's simple, beat your opponent in any round and you get 10pts

- 2pts for best ET/SPEED of the round
--have the best run of the round and you get 2pts, somebody will get these 2pts for every round

So now you all are in the know and have a head start on the rest on the HWC crowd as far as what is happening with the rest of the RWYB series events so no excuses on getting cars built and ready for the events.

As always, you can send cars for testing at anytime, so if you get them all built for all the events, you can send them and I can provide testing results as well as work with you on improving the build so that on race days, the cars run better.

Feel free to contact me anytime via PM, phone or email...

PM - kingcuda
Phone - 304-738-4523 - voice mail is setup if I am not home or at work and will respond ASAP
Email -

Thanks and sorry for the long read but thought it was info you all might want or need.



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Mcjiggles9 3/27/13

I'm planning on participating in the next event, I was keeping up with the action and I REALLY wish I'd had been a part of it!

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