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Hot Wheels Shoebox Street Race

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Sneaky_Bob 4/29/21

I will take a spot.

Sneaky Bob

Vapor Racing

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SpyDude 4/30/21

I am going to put in a hesitant "yes" for now, as I have one of these coming in the mail, but I cannot yet absolutely commit to the race. If someone else gets the spot before I get my car, let them have it, and I will wait for the next go-around.


Aces High Racing



"Put me in, Coach, I'm ready to play today."

Count me in please and thank you! :)

Count me in, please!

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Numbskull 5/20/21

Count me in.  Please and thank you.

ROADRAGE RACING would love a spot .. Thanks 

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Mayfield41 6/10/21

If there is a waiting list please add me to it

Thank you

Small rule change to note. The rule of if a car violates any listed rules that it will be allowed to race but won't be eligible to win has been changed to it will be allowed to race but won't be allowed to advance to the second round.

This change was made because if a car violates a rule and advances in any fashion then a car that followed the rules and is one car behind the violating car is punished and not allowed to move on.

The rules that seem to be violated most are going over weight, changing body lines of a car and hogging out wheel wells when it's not allowed. Read the rules carefully because in some races these modifications are allowed and in some they are not. 

Ready to roll! 

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Crazy_Canuck 6/18/21

It's ready...let's rock and roll 

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