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Just Say No to Tampos

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Guingoyo 3/1/21

I want to enter 


  • You are officially entered! I have added you to the roster. — Kaiju_Colorado
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Too_kay 3/1/21

Count me in for one please if possible. Thanks

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Driepe51 3/2/21

Count me in!! Team WeRaceDiecast driver: Doc #51

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GoldenOwl 3/2/21

Count me in! 

Driver: Gray Wizard

Team: WeRD!

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BiffKirbySr 3/3/21

Biff Kirby Sr from commotion diecast wants a spot please 

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Coopdevil 3/4/21

My Merc-McLaren has gone into the air Mail this afternoon, no idea how long it will take to get Stateside!

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RaSung0d79x 3/30/21

I'll take an alternates spot here.

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MadMike 4/4/21

I'll take an alternate spot

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DamDiecast 4/7/21

Any slots available?

If so, please add me.

Sent my entry off yesterday!  Since it's going to Monster Motorsports, I wanted to do a car based off a local kaiju of sorts, Blucifer.  Unfortnately, my imagination surpassed my talent on this one, and it seemed like the car itself was fighting me every step of the way(which I just realized makes sense for a Blucifer themed car).  Still, it's done, and I can use lessons learned on it for future builds.

  • Looking forward to seeing it! — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Maaaaaaan, you went messing with that horse? You're a brave soul... lol — RaSung0d79x

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