King Of The 621 2021 Results

WeRaceDiecast Sunday, 10/11/2020

The King of the 621 is a King of the hill style tournament that is ran on the WeRaceDiecast Youtube channel. The tournament begins Oct 18th 2020 with the first event and will end Oct 1st 2021. This page will hold a list of the winners who held the King of the 621 Title and how many times they have defended their title.

After the conclusion of the series there will be a King of Kings Tournament that will pin every prior King of the 621 together to determine who is the best of the best and the official 2021 King of the 621 title.

Link to Series Event Rules: King of the 621 2021 

Link to Track Page: 621 Track

Facebook Group: WeRaceDiecast

Event Trailer: 


Current King

Driver: JT Kwik
Team: Transport Diecast Racing
Car: 69 Chevelle Tooned
Weight: 74g
Country: USA

Streak: 3

Kings of the 621

  1. Keith Stone from Flips Racing Driving 2008 Lancer Evolution (wins: 1)
  2. Remy 12 Gauge from Flips Racing Driving Semi-Psycho (wins: 3)
  3. Oliver James from Transport Diecast Racing Driving Range Rover Velar (Wins: 2)
  4. Mr. Smooth from Flips Diecast Racing Driving Chrysler 300 (Wins: 2)
  5. JT Kwik from Transport Diecast Racing Driving 69 Chevelle Tooned (Wins: 3)

Team Wins

  1. Flips Racing: 6
  2. Transport Diecast Racing: 5


Event 1: Oct 19th 2020 Winner: Keith Stone

Event 2: Oct 25th 2020 Winner: Remy 12 Gauge

Event 3: Nov 1st 2020 Winner: Remy 12 Gauge

Event 4: Nov 8th 2020 Winner: Remy 12 Gauge

Event 5: Nov 15th 2020 Winner: Oliver James

Event 6: Nov 22th 2020 Winner: Oliver James

Event 7: Nov 29th 2020 Winner: Mr. Smooth

Event 8: Dec 6th 2020 Winner: Mr. Smooth 

Event 9: Dec 13th 2020 Winner: JT Kwik

Event 10: Dec 20th 2020 Winner: JT Kwik

Event 11: Jan 17th 2021 Winner: JT Kwik

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