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King of the Stocks***NOW FULL***

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DTaylor44 11/4/21

Mrs. BFG Mr. BFG and mini BFG would like to get in thank you

Hello sir can I get a spot

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RLoRacing 11/4/21

Count me in 

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BlueLineRacing 11/14/21

Race is almost full but please if you're not going to make it or aren't sure please don't sign up for it until you know for sure. Seems every race there are 4-5 no shows and it inevitably makes the field uneven and takes a spot away from someone who was interested.

Also, this is NOT a rip and race or rookie tournament. There is plenty of that on RLD but this is for well tested speed. It's not to say that if you're new to racing that you're not welcome but this is going to be your heavier, likely older castings. Your 39g 2019 Kia Stinger is not going to fair well in something like this. 
Any questions feel free to ask.

Sign Me Up if you Still have Space!

I might be able to find a fast Stock car or 2, maybe even 3???


Also, What track will you be racing on?

  • You’re in but check out the rules. Too much to post here — BlueLineRacing
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Uncle_Elvis 12/4/21

I feel there will be some hurt feelings at these races. 

  • Hey there Elvis, can understand your sentiment. I think it's great seeing you have a go at many races! Looking at the list, yeah wow, some hard hitters, dedicated, tireless enthusiasts I enjoy watching! Can I beat them? Yeah, well probably not. For a start downunder the available of the elite castings is low, and if you find one the price is high. But be blowed, win lose or draw, a great challenge, and one that assists gauaging where I'm at! Chatting with mates, celeberating a win, falling over with a loss, well anyway, a good beer or spitits can be had with either! Cheers, all the best out there to you! — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • We don’t worry about feelings here. We just like them up and race them. Kids get their feelings hurt. Men just get better. — BlueLineRacing
  • I understand all of that. I also understand my FASTEST stock is not worth the postage mailing to this event. I do look forward to watching it though — Uncle_Elvis
  • It’s not for everyone for sure — BlueLineRacing
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BlueLineRacing 12/30/21

This event is full but I will take some standby teams if anyone missed out. We usually lose a few teams before race day

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