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King of the Stocks***NOW FULL***

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WallyChamp73 1/26/22

N.J. Drive Racing didn't make the cut?

  • I don’t see where you requested a spot but you can have my spot if interested — BlueLineRacing
  • Thanks, I think. We talked at the end of last year. You didn't want me to send my cars in too soon. I don't want you to participate becuase of me. — WallyChamp73
  • I pulled my cars for this — BlueLineRacing
  • Thanks, bro! — WallyChamp73
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Greyduck 1/29/22

Thanks for clearing up how to enter and for allowing for the entry. -from the YouTube vid earlier(bullitt account) I'll get em sent out quick! **Edit** I just noticed I did get through on the dm and was already on the list!! Lol.. sweet...***

Hope my best won't let the fans down.


 HRGC Racing's 1/64 division

Another reminder.

King of Stocks consists of over 90 cars. Help me track all this by sending in a Redline Derby Race slip and sending in cash for return shipping. No PayPal, And if you sent a case please mark it and put in on the race slip. A month from now when I mail returns I use the race slip to track what needs to be sent back and if the shipping was paid. Without that info you likely won't get the cases back.

Half the teams have arrived. Deadline in Feb 15th. If you think you'll be late or can't make it please let me know. 

King of Stocks cars are due tomorrow. I have a few teams unaccounted for. If you signed up for this race and don't plan on attending please let me know so I can get started. Thanks

  • Hope all the race teams cars got there safe and sound I’m really chomping at the bit can’t wait for the racing to begin — DTaylor44
  • Everyone has arrived. The Funny Car event will kick it off on Feb 24th — BlueLineRacing

King of Stocks Team Introductions. Funny Car Race Premiers on BlueLine Racing's YouTube Channel Feb 24th at 9pm EST

King of Stocks premiers tonight!

  • Can't wait to watch! — Bongo

Stage 2 of the King of Stocks-1/5th Mile "Equalizer" kicks off tonight March 2nd at 9pm EST

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