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When: Saturday, May 27, 2017

In the Heart of North Carolina....there is a road...a road called Tobacco Road, a 1/4 mile of country road where you don't go to become a go there to become a Legend...a Legend of Tobacco Road. 

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight 75g max
  • Size restrictions; length 3 3/8" max
  • Cars per entrant/household, etc.-2 cars per entrant/individual
  • Brand, body style, year, make/model requirements, etc.- Stock Funny Cars
  • Wheel limitations, requirements; No FTEs, FTE only- NA
  • Stock cars only
  • Stock rivets
  • Dry lubes only
  • Misc requirements-Must fit on HW orange track,Stock tinkering


Certificate verifying your Championship on Tobacco Road 

How to enter

PM for address and send at least $3 if you want your cars returned.

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

All entries must be received by the host before 5/27/2017

I'm at home for Memorial Day weekend and taking the week off

Scoring and Winning

 Double elimination...must win 2 in a row to advance and eventually win

Cars must be 75g or less.....over 75g and you sit it out


Tracks & Dates

 Tobacco Road-week of May 28th to June 3rd

Winners and Results

Video will tell the tale of Tobacco Road

Mustang Funny Car

Well, my family wants in since it's a stock race.....told them I'll show them how to do the graphite.

League of Speed

Lady of Speed

Team Quicksilver

Speed Force Racing

....are in.

My birthday falls on Memorial Day this year. Count me in, maybe it'll bring me luck.


Sounds good

We will be racing :)


Fastest and lightest so far...Funny Side Up

I'll race two in this one.

glad to have you aboard TS

After more research on the Funny Cars I have increased max weight up to 75g, which should open the window for most of the castings.

Cool! We're planning on sending in a few cars.

Fantastic!!! Glad to hear that CCR

the new top dog at LoS R & D

If you haven't yet, check out the track build photos LoS has been posting. It's shaping up to be quite the track...straight forward but with all the trimmings. 

Check it out:

LoL?...well it is Funny Cars :)
Ha...he fixed it, nothing gets by that guy:)

                   Lady of Speed

                      League of Speed

                                      Team Quicksilver

Speed Force Racing

1/4 Mile Club

I'm planning on getting my 2 cars in the mail this week. I have no expectations but you never know :)

Sounds good....dry lube'em up and ship'em out :)

I'm new to the site. I am planning on sending in at least one for this race. This will be my first.  

I'm honored and on my behalf...Welcome
Welcome to the club, glad to have you aboard.

Outlaw Racing

In this episode of Diecast Hunters we went hunting for some funny cars for the race.  Gave a shout-out to Legends of Tobacco Road and Redline Derby.  We'll be sending in our cars soon!

Awesome...I will check it out!!!

That was awesome CCR....thanks for the shout-out!!! Looking forward to home working on the track today. Tell Calin he's got the League of Speed a little worried....little fella has an eye for speed!!!!

Cool show! Thanks for the shout out, Robby. Hopefully as we start getting more races back on the calendar you can be on the look out for more cars. How often do you do episodes?

Wish I had a store like that around my next of the woods. Hobby/antique stores with any possibility of toys is rare around there parts...though it's been a long time since I've hit up the antique mall. 

We try to do an episode at least every other week. We were usually out hunting together anyway, so we decided to start documenting it. :)

It's been a long time since I've raced here but I'll be sending in two cars. Gotta love the funny cars!

Welcome back! Hope you can jump back in a bit...good things are coming...
Fantastic!!! This shaping up to be quite the field!!!

1/4 Mile Club is a local team....some friends of the family who were intrigued by the build.

Outlaw Racing is my Bro-n-Law who races with me when he comes into town.

May get one more local team....claim all Mustangs hence Pony Up Racing....pretty good chance they get in as well.  Happy it's shaping up to be a decent field for the inaugural race at Tobacco Road....was kinda worried about going Funny Cars to start things off. 

I'll get 2 funny cars sent out soon on Friday. Looking forward to this!

Sounds great!!!

I'll do my best to send in a few cars,work has been busy and I've been working long hours.

No modding, so hopefully time is on your side
....and I'd love to have you in the field!!!!

So people have been getting hurt at the shipyard and they had a 'Safety Shutdown' so no work tomorrow.  Gonna do some testing with the funny cars that I got and send in the best two.

glad you can find the time
Welcome to the party, JDub! Can't wait to see your entries.

Here are my entries

Good looking team!!!!
Oh no! I remember this Funny... it crushed my fastest car during the Redline National League?
JDub is not JDC442...same car though
LeagueofSpeed least I don't think he is

Went to a garage sale today, found my funny cars and these .50 cents a piece.

Woahs...good score on the FTEs.

Please note that the length has been changed to 3 3/8", thanks to JDub for the catch, those Firebirds are a tad longer. Basically if it's a Funny Car and 75g or less....send it in!!!

For this race i'm changing my team name from Skull Bomb Racing to Skoal Bomb Racing.

Got it!!!

Set the track up for a trial run and to make sure the Drop was sufficient and the transition solid....Tobacco Road passed with flying colors and will be even better with clean track and better attention to connection spots and held firm with some removable tacky stuff by Elmers. The slowest cars that we had, which didn't make my families 8 car field, ran the 1/4 mile with no problem and no graphite. I'm pleased to say the least, now I can landscape/detail the Drop....this should be a great race!!!

Two more teams in house.

Pony Up Racing 

Whiteknuckle Ride RT 

Sending mine out this morning...
Fantastic...I'll be on the lookout

Pony Up Racing

Whiteknuckle Ride RT

His blue Mustang is faster than mine
...which is good since mine didn't make my family's field of 4 teams

When I do the brackets, I'm going to be a random as possible, but if it pairs the same team against itself in Rd 1...I will change it. I don't want the same team racing itself in the opening round...I'll figure it out.

I'll try to get a guide for up this week, could help quite a bit

JDubb and RLD are in the House!!! Team pics to come....both teams have passed inspection.

both teams arrived today...getting pumped for the race
I weighed yellow car at exactly 75g had a duplicate that was 75.1

RLD and JDUBB passing pre-race inspection!!!

I hired these guy's specifically for when Traction enters a race...wish he was in this one along with C10
...and GTAMAN
excited to see the results of this race
I got the pit crew guys too...need to use them more
LMAO these picks made my day.

Give odd or even numbers to both cars on a team.  If a team has even numbers draw competitor from the odd numbered cars.  If there is an odd number of teams draw two odd teams first and then continue with the odd/even draws as long as the first wasn't the same team.  I hope this makes sense, I racked my brain trying to find a solution.

I just shuffle a list of names and manually move things around until it seems fair
Yeah probably easier that way, i'm ocd with making brackets random.
I follow you...just need it for the 1st rd.

Track cleaning day has arrived....going to put some water in the bathtub and clean this vintage track up....makes you wonder how many HW cars have rolled down this track during it's history....well I do...waxing nostalgic here.

RLD Racing

Skoal Bomb Racing

Need your address info please. I went to the PO and didn't realize the info was in the thread. I'll get these out tomorrow, Priority Mail. Thanks.

PM sent

Man, that was some dirty track.....bath water looked like I just gave my Lab a bath. The track should be/has to be faster now with who knows how many years of dust and grime off it. Needless to say, the part I was looking forward to the least is now done....still love the vintage Redline track and glad it's what the cars at Tobacco Road will run on.

I'd say this track is 45 years old at the minimum

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