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Hello. I just found this website and thought I would come in and say hello and see if there was anything I could help out with or trade for. 

I am a long time collector of hot wheels (mainline series stuff since 95) I actually stopped buying new in the stores in 2006, well...because, as I am sure most of you older guys would understand, it stopped being fun to go to the stores. I have primarily focused on collecting variations now from the years 1995-2006 and have approx. 4500 unique cars in my variation collection using Zarnock's variation guides, lee's toy review, and other internet web sites as a reference. 

I have a lot of spare on card stuff to trade. 

I have somewhere around 500 cars to trade, I have TH's, zamac's, FE's, FE variations, series cars etc...

Yes...I am looking for some of the VVHTF stuff from the earlier years but I am also looking for some pretty common 2005 and 2006 variations that I did not expend the energy to find back then.

add your message and lets see if we can do some trading...btw...I am old school and really prefer trading with real collectors rather than selling or buying on e-bay.



Welcome, looking for 5 spoke CoMo, GY7SP, GYE7SP, just about any white, yellow lettered wheels...wide axles...
Nice collection! Welcome to the site. I'm after anything fast...
--Ferrari F40s or black Testarossas, Side Kicks, Funny Cars, better castings of FTEs, NASCARs, Fat Fendered Forties, Land Rovers, Funny Cars
Welcome! I'm not a collector...but I think it's funny, it's like a different language! :)

Welcome to the site. I am a variation collector myself, I don't get into the trash hunt hype. Unfortunately I'm not ready to let go of my XHTF variations, but I'll see if I have any other varis you might be interested in.

Yes, welcome to Redline Derby, glad you found us and hope you can hang out and have some good discussion...and find some cars! We're all collectors even if we like to play more on the track than the shelf. :)

When I got back into collecting (2003-ish), I was a variation collector but only for the cars I liked. I dig mostly on muscle and exotics, which is why I have like 31 flavors of the '68 Mercury and so on. But then once I decided to race cars, my motivation shifted away from finding the same car over and over, and more just finding cars I didn't have to race - more complete collector kind of thing, only I no longer cared about variants. One was enough.

I still collect variations of the cars I like most but I don't trip over people to find them or even go out of my way to buy them. If I see one on the pegs, I'll buy it, but I don't scour eBay or anything for cars. Just not worth the effort.

But on that note, I'm all for trading to get cars I don't have so I can race them. I have a lot of duplicates for whatever reason and in various flavors, so I might have one you're looking for...I'd rather spend time swapping with friends that shopping the stores.

Yet my Hot Wheels room is a disaster and in need of some serious organizing. Once I get that tamed I should be able to have a good list of cars available for trade. 

Hello Traction-Event...If you still are looking at 5 spoke co-molds I have 2 fairly common ones as spares from '04

the #126 purple passion and the #167 Pont. Rageous


did someone say PURPLE PASSION?? Second dibbs, if TE bows out. please

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