BlueLine Racing Mail-In Guidelines

BlueLineRacing Wednesday, 4/7/2021

Hello everyone, now that I am knee deep in the Mail in race game I just wanted to put out some guidelines in mailing in cars. This last race I hosted was challenging in the sense that I received a decent amount of extra packaging, some forgot to send return shipping money, I received foreign currency and some forgot a return mailing address. What makes it even more difficult is cars for the April race are coming in and I need to send the March cars out. For future races if everyone can follow the following guidelines it would be appreciated.

1. If you're sending a plastic case or extra shipping material please make sure that the case is marked with your race name and the race slip is noted that the case was sent. Ideally I wouldn't receive anything but the car, racing slip and return shipping money . Also understand that shipping rates go up on anything over 13 ounces and over certain packaging sizes. A good guide for return shipping is to send what it cost you to mail out.

2. If you are racing from outside the US please don't send foreign currency. For international racers I would rather we wait until after the race to determine what return shipping costs and you send that amount via PayPal which I will provide for you at that time. Please note that the 5-6 dollar fee is sufficient for the US returns but it will likely be considerably more to ship internationally.

3. Please make sure to send a race slip with all the pertinent info. RLDRL has one here that is great for the host to have with the car. It covers all the needed info to ensure a quick return. If you are unable to print a RLD slip please make sure the slip you send contains all of that same info.

4. Return Shipping Adresses. Even if you raced here before please make sure that is included.

Thank you very much for racing here. It's a big task and if you can follow these steps it will greatly help me continue putting out races for all to enjoy. For those who are missing return shipping addresss, return money or any other issue described here. Please reach out to me personally so we can get it resolved. 

Thank you

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