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M.C.R Race Wars 2

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MrDarq 1/23/23


Captain: MR. DARQ

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dr_dodge 2/22/23

the sisters got the two cars to race ready,

loading as we speak

even the HO scale hot rod gals showed up for the send off

(that is a bone shaker, quartered, with ~1/4" sawed out of of my "not wheels")

the girls on the need for speed lotus are happy, they are up next,

the project manager for the wheelie big race seems a bit annoyed it takes so long to clear the shop

charger and datsun on their way friday.


  • brought the cars to the cal lab for final weights, the charger is under 0.015 g (59.985 g) that was cutting it abit — dr_dodge
  • Ok I keep a eye out for it — Bolo_Brown
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AndyMan7 3/5/23

Upper Westside Diecastracing jumping in on this...

Team:  456ix Street Crew 

Captain: AM7

Hudson & Emmitt are on their way!!

Off in the mail tomorrow. With the Eclipse, I decided, after seeing so many cars plummet to their deaths on this track, that I'd strengthen the windshield with resin, then decided to give the whole car the wet look. But I'm really happy with the Mach 1.

  • Really nice i will keep a eye out for them and I'm working on putting guard rails on part of the track to prevent them from falling off — Bolo_Brown
  • using 2 part acrylic? — dr_dodge
  • Hey Bolo, I'm a little late shipping but they're definitely going out tomorrow. @dr_dodge, it's just UV resin. No mixing needed. — FeralPatrick

If you still need alternates I am in. 

Team: Milestone Racing 

Captain: Mick Miles

I would love to get in if possible.


Capt. Kelly

Well...I could probably get a couple cars in the mail for ya...

team: the EH team

captain: Crazy Canuck

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Marco_Polo 3/9/23

If there's room for 1 more team Polo Racing wants in...

Team captain - Marco Polo 

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Bolo_Brown 3/16/23

So far I received 16 cars.  The deadline is coming up within 5 weeks races

Team knobby ridge dragway.                        Driver Victor fastLane 

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WallyChamp73 3/19/23

Mr. Brown

The New Jersey Drive Racing entries are in route!

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