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M.C.R Race Wars 2

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If there is room I 'll take a spot...  But just to be clear we need to build a MUSCLe and JDM correct ?


Ca$h Money Boy$ will take a spot;

Team Captain: Hud$on 

Would love a Spot please

Team Captain:  Kootanei

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dr_dodge 1/18/23

May I throw my hat  in the ring?

team captain Dr dodge

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Rabid_Badger 1/18/23

We'd like to join the party!

Team: Rabid Badger Racing

Captain: Ben Taxel

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CraigsterSr 1/18/23

YES! In please... Team: Hot Nuts Diecast Racing - Captain: Craigster, Sr.

Team: Guingoyo 

General 3 Star Drumian and PCSM Guingoyo

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KxngTrizz 1/19/23

Shady Valley Race Team

Captain: KxngTrizz 

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Kingshark 1/19/23

Team name: Mako Racing

Captain: Mako

Love to join. 2 cars.

Team: Variat SkunkWorks 

Captain: Ash

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Sneaky_Bob 1/20/23

I would like a spot please.

Team: Vapor Racing / Treetops Raceway Park

Captain: Sneaky Bob / Dangerous Dawn

We're in! 

Team: Grayboys Racing

Captain: Chandler Gray

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