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Multiple tracks in one location

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Dj2112yyz 11/7/21

Quick video of the high bank being tested.

 And I also started on the hot wheel track single track run. And some test runs.

 I don't know about you but I'm having fun

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Dj2112yyz 11/10/21

I have the single track completely laid out  So it's about 61' of single track laid out  With 2 90"turns and 4 180" turns It takes a car about 10 seconds to run it. This is a test run with a VW bug.

 I also have another tear set that I'll tie the offroad downtown onto and the skid pad track.


  • The track is getting cooler and cooler man! You just also inspired me to build a new track under my own track :D — DyNMQ
  • Thanks D I'm glad to inspire someone. What type of track do you currently have. And I'm surprised that more people don't do this type of thing because there's so much dead space around a single track. — Dj2112yyz
  • Back then I had a cardboard track, it was somewhat short but after a few months later, a friend gave me some new track accessories to put in my track. Now I have built a new track set up with the tracks they gave me. There were some spaces that I left so I thought that maybe in the future, I'll try and fit more tracks like a rally course to save some space here in our house. — DyNMQ
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Dj2112yyz 11/14/21

Trying to explain my madness.

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Dj2112yyz 11/16/21

This is the last turn and I've got it set with the run in attached . With the fat track I'm starting from the bottom up. I'm also going to attach the drift pad into this run in for its final turn .


 This is 2nd to last turn and I've got the running attached to it. And I've got the table cut out for the  for the exit of the turn and for the run in to the last turn .  I've also attached the bumper to the top of this turn 

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Dj2112yyz 11/16/21

 Just 2 videos of the DIY fat track process.

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Dj2112yyz 11/18/21

I have the 2 turns attached to one another and here are a few  Test runs.

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revhobbies 11/19/21

I've thought about making a base that has two sides and you could flip it to whichever track you want facing up and the other would be hidden upside down underneath.  That would take a lot of planning but a great way to have 2 tracks in one.  I might do that for my next track when I get around to doing it lol.

  • I could see that happening that's a pretty good idea To save space. To build this mess that I got going on I got rid of a love seat a couch and 3 Big mirrors that we had stored in the basementand. Also an old CD, laser disc and LP albums wall hanging racks That took up half the wall space. — Dj2112yyz
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Dj2112yyz 11/22/21

 Some progress has been made 360 turn to  the S turns. 

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Dj2112yyz 11/25/21

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. And thanks for watching.

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