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Need for Speed - The DeLeon (Car Selections) Invite only

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Dang :( 

took 2nd in the nfs light race and no invite lol 

I'll take the Mclaren P1. Thanks!

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Lily_the_Dog 1/12/23

Already messaged you back but just to clarify, I'll take the Acura NSX GT3 custom paint. Thanks!

Remaining cars:

1 Lambo Essenza 

1 LaFerrai 

1 McLaren P1

1 Acura NSX GT3 with Spoiler 

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Uncle_Elvis 1/15/23

Not sure how I got the entry list, but I need to decline the invite to this event. I did double check my totes yesterday, but I have none of those castings.

Thanks for thinking of me for entry

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Bolo_Brown 1/24/23

Maybe one day I get to race on this track 

Just a quick question: why is tungsten putty not allowed? I don't have a problem with it, just curious. Thanks!

  • It tends to migrate into places it shouldn’t…I had that happen to one of the Jeeps in the Jamboree… — Crazy_Canuck
  • That sux dude. I've only used it on a few builds so far and it was by necessity of having to leave in the interior. — FeralPatrick_FeralMODS
  • it leaks and ruins your wheels — epvideos_diecast_racing
  • I fix my putty using super glue, it makes some sort of of a protective coat over it. It'll be fine on my car, if wheels sucks, it's going to be because of my bad polishing/lubing skills, not because it leaked lol — Underdogs_Unleashed
  • I use super glue on putty too, but only to tack it in so it doesn't come loose. I'm thinking UV resin would be good to put a shell around the putty, too. — FeralPatrick_FeralMODS

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