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Nissan Skyline GTR R34 World Tournament FULL ROSTER

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Sneaky_Bob 3/22/21

I will take a spot.

Sneaky Bob

Vapor Racing

  • I got u, how many racers ? — Guingoyo
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Guingoyo 3/23/21

only 4 spaces left

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Sneaky_Bob 3/31/21

I also clicked report by mistake.  I will have one car.

  • I got u — Guingoyo
  • Sneaky how you doing ? U car arrived well , thanks for participating also what kind of screws do u used they are awsome — Guingoyo
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Guingoyo 4/2/21

We are ready ?

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BiffKirbySr 4/4/21

Biff Kirby Sr 

Chet Hell Chit

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Guingoyo 4/4/21

Thanks for your participation,  remember to join our Facebook group also our channel thanks hope you enjoy this little tournament

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Guingoyo 4/6/21

Are we good I still don't heard anything from u guys ? 

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Sneaky_Bob 4/6/21

I finally found the right casting in my 1800 cars.  I will have it shipped before the deadline.

  • Wao 1800 that is a lot — Guingoyo
  • They aren't organized all that well either. — Sneaky_Bob
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BiffKirbySr 4/8/21

Ready to race! 

  • Hey looks nice let's see how he does — Guingoyo
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Sneaky_Bob 4/13/21

Here is mine in fronot of hte racing garage.  It is shipping today, since I forgot to take it with me yesterday.

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Guingoyo Today

One of the cars already arrived thanks sneaky Bob is gonna be interesting this tournament hopefully everyone enter if not I have like 3 friends waiting 

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