Buy, Sell, TradeOffer: 50 foot roll of orange track

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Hi all,

We grew up on jalopies, so every few years my dad would have a "new" car. We loved it. Every car had its quirk and created its own memory. My poor son has only known one car his entire life and I'm probably gonna drive that Nissan Versa until it dies quietly at over 200k miles.

Anyway, one day in college my brothers and I listed every car my dad owned and it turned out to be about 20. Over the years, at stores, I would head over to the toy section and dig around for any car that was either something my dad owned or resembled it.

I would paint them up and make one for my dad and one for me. Luckily over the past few years some new castings have been coming out that allowed me to replace my own creations with actual castings of the vehicles. I was so excited when the Ranchero and Datsun pickup truck came out.

I'm still missing a few and I was wondering if you guys had any of them. I don't really collect cars for value, just sentiment, so all I have is a 50 foot roll of orange track to offer.

The following list may seem funny to real collectors, but the cars I covet the most are:

1) We had a white dodge Aries and a maroon Plymouth Reliant. I've seen a K car casting before, but haven’t seen one in person yet. Fresh cherries make it, I think.

2) A 1972 ford econoline - till now I've used chevy and dodge vans, but nothing comes close to the grill on the ford.

3) 1970's Honda civic cvcc - We used to call it The Egg because it was white with yellow interior.

The following cars, I already have 1 of but I could use 1 or 2 more if you can spare them.

1990's dodge caravan

1980's Pinto-  I found a pinto in the American graffiti diorama, but I haven’t seen another one.

1980's supra body style

1997 dodge ram body style

full size bronco -- 1993 bronco was my first car, it was white too. I loved that thing, I miss it.

        These cars do not need to be in mint condition or even running condition. As long as the body is there, I'll be able to find a frame and tires that fit.

I do not care about brand or size. Hot wheels/Matchbox size is preferable for convenience, but anything smaller or larger will be welcome.

I bought 2 rolls of track off some guy on craigslist. He said that he had them rolled up for a long time and I've kept them rolled up for about 4 years.

I only have one with me right now. There's a little old lady near Pasadena who has the other one. If I ever head back to CA, then I'll get it out of the storage if it's still there.

The one I'm offering is not brittle in any way, but like I said it's been rolled up so it will take some work to straighten it out again.

Let me know if anyone is interested.



p.s for anyone wondering, my crazy dad is currently driving a Suzuki X-90. I'm planning on using the matchbox cliff hanger casting for this.

x 90. isn't that the Red Bull car?? lol

You know who else liked the '93 Bronco...  I gotta believe someone has made those in white.

There's a guy I used to know, goes by "Flamingo Joe" down in Florida, owns and operates a "Van museum". If there is a '72 diecast Econoline out there, he owns them all. 

Trust me. I've seen his collection.

We are talking ANYTHING with a van on it. He has a dozen of it. He was even on the cover of a van magazine back in the 70's with one of his customs, and drives the yellow " Panic in Detroit" van as a daily driver.

A little work chopping and glueing and you got you a l'il 4 door. Lol

Where in Florida? I'll be down there in January and I love vans.
Hudson, Fl. west coast, above Tampa.
I would gladly take an aries wagon to mod it.
(there are only 3 on eBay right now) they only released it 2 times. ('82 '84)bummer

It doesn't have to be 1972, just 1968-1974  second gen body style.
I'll keep it in my mental rolodex in case i ever head down there.

poison pinto... sedan delivery... last pinto built was 1980... we use the front ends on our hot rods...

Great story, Will...I think the love of personal cars is what starts many collections, which is why I envy anyone that got to drive cars pre-1980, when even your average car had style. My first car in high school was a Chevy Cavalier...not like I'd want a casting of that but they'll never make one. Closest thing my family had to a car worthy of memorializing were some 1970-ish Chevy Novas my parents were still driving when I was baby.

Anyway...I'll dig through my stash to see what I have. Most likely finds would be the Bronco or Ram but I dunno, let you know.

On the other note...I know there's no shortage of people wanting 50-ft rolls of track, but if you're ever looking to just out right sell it, I'd be interested.

If nothing pans out. You can have it.

That list has some hard to find, and pricey cars on it... the Supra, and Aries wagon

Yeah, I've seen the fresh cherries k car, pinto, cvcc, and hotwheels supra online for $10-$20 each. I figured it coulnt hurt to ask here
since I'mnot looking for new condition.
it never hurts to ask. yep.

have you tried ... bernieswheels ?...

 just did, he has 2 supra releases for $0.95 ea. and 2 others for $1.30...

try his "quik find"... scroll a ways down on the left, below the long list of series...

That's a great site. I never been there before. Thanks
Given enough lead time, Bernie will ship directly to the host race for a Rip 'n Race. I've done it.
Order your cars, send him a check, he'll mail them wherever you want. AND QUICK TOO!!
His shipping prices hurt, no matter how much you buy
yeah, shipping does hurt. agreed, it always does. but he IS quick.

JW... i think i have a johnnie ford van, didn't look at what year... let me know if you need it...

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