Other online diecast racing clubs, mail-in tournaments

redlinederby Friday, 7/25/2014
Site manager

One great thing about what we're doing here at Redline Derby is the organizing of the mail-in tournaments that are open to anyone, regardless where they live. Many clubs focus on live, local events - which is great - but by their nature, the focus isn't on outside entries, and often that can be limiting or result is a less that great experience.

I know there have to be other web sites and online clubs that run their own mail-ins or racing games, but I don't know what they are...so lets start a list.

If you participate or know of other online, mail-in based clubs that are racing, please share a link to their web site.

Not only will this be great for RLD members looking for more racing, it will also serve as a list I can use to reach out and hopefully partner up with a few places for promotions and tournaments. 

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