Outlaw Series, July: Attack of the Gassers -ON HOLD!

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016
72_Chevy_C10 Sunday, 4/24/2016
Event coordinator

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Attack of the Gassers

The Outlaw Diecast races are winner take all races happening every two months, here at Sussex Raceway. Attack of the Gassers is the first race in this series. The Outlaw Diecast Series will feature very simple rules and, hopefully, good, close racing.

Rules & Restrictions

  • One 40 gram vehicle one 57 gram 
  • The cars/trucks will all use a stock length '55 Chevy Gasser chassis
  • One 40 gram, one 57 gram vehicle per entrant
  • Vehicles should fit the 'Gasser' theme...they should (but don't have to be) pre-1970 cars and trucks
  • Wheels are open....no larger than .5" 
  • Must be drilled rivets
  • Dry lubes or wet lubes are allowed
  • Bodies should be no longer than 3.125", the cars should fit on a Drag Track style track


The winner of the 40 gram class will win all of the 40 gram entries, the winner of the 57 gram class will win all of the 57 gram entries

How to enter

Just post in this thread...pictures are always great. But, you can just send your cars in if you choose to!

Where to send your cars

Chris Raab
9 Sherman Ridge Road 
Sussex, NJ 07461

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

All entries must be received by the host before 7/23/2016

Scoring and Winning

This will be a random draw, single elemination tournament. To win a race, a vehicle must win two races in a row (must win on both lanes)...no matter how many races it takes 


All Outlaw Diecast Series races will implement the Traction Event rule. If a car weighs more than 3 grams over it's class, it will get painted pink, raced and it will not be counted.

Remember, this is a Winner Take All race...unless your car wins, you WILL NOT be getting it back!

If you wish to include a donation to the shipping fund, all donations will gladly be accepted, but do not feel as though you have to. Likewise, if you wish to include a few prize cars, you are welcome to do, but don't feel you have to.

Tracks & Dates

Sussex Raceway July 23rd, 2016

Winners and Results

The winners will be posted here and video will be uploaded round by round on the day of the race


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I figured out the answer to the question that used to be here.

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72_Chevy_C10 4/28/16
Event coordinator


I'll be doing a pretty basic Gasser build-up over the weekend. I bet you can guess what I'll be building!

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fordman 4/29/16

i could dig showing off these tail lites...

  • The wheelbase looks about right, Smitty...that's going to look killer! — 72_Chevy_C10
  • chose it for that and the fact that they are on the pegs now for a buck... — fordman
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fordman 4/29/16

Sloppy gasser ; The well winged '58 Plymouth fury, i refer to it as a '58 because the FEDS banned [4] 5" headlights that appeared in '57, [we will tell you when you can], mid '57 some makes added the 2 extra lights... note the bumper sawed off from the '58 grill...bottom flanges cut from the glass...

Drill, trim interior to fit inside your gasser body, I drilled and filed the '58's hood, you could just cut the induction off the '55...then hogg the wheel wells to align with the '55's rear wheels, i had to remove the grill, rear bumper / trunk...

   To fit the "trimmed to the lower edge" glass i will file the chrome dash down so the w/s glass will sit flush and not hold the body up... same effort on the rear valance panel so the rear window fits...


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delta6 4/29/16

I've been wanting to revisit this build:


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72_Chevy_C10 5/2/16
Event coordinator

I thought I'd do a super simple Gasser build up. Gassers were cars and trucks that were raced when the NHRA put a ban on nitro...they ran on gas, hence the name. They mostly featured blown engines and a straight axle front end...giving them.the 'nose up' attitude that makes them look very distinctive! 

These cars raced in the early to mid 1960's...and here are the cars that will go into this build....


Always be careful when drilling rivets...just drill until you get into the plasti of the chassis. And carefully pry the chassis away from the body.. 


To get the donor fte wheels off, you can bend the tabs up off the axle and carefully pop the axle out of the chassis...


These are the main parts that I will be using...the '67 Chevy C10 body, the donor fte wheels and the '55 Chevy Gasser chassis...


Oh, and I'll be using the engine from the '55 and the interior from the Chevy pickup...


Quite a pile of unused parts...although, I can probably find a use the 55 Chevy...


I'll keep you posted on the progress of this one

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72_Chevy_C10 5/6/16
Event coordinator

It looks like it's going to be another wet weekend here in the Northeast...so I'll be wrapping up the above build! I'll be putting it together in a separate thread and once I get it all sorted, I'll put a link in this thread.

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72_Chevy_C10 5/9/16
Event coordinator

Just to stir the pot a little on this one...


The C10 Gasser made a couple test passes tonight and held it's own pretty well against a decent 57 gram car. I still need to organize the build thread for that one...hopefully, this week!

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72_Chevy_C10 6/8/16
Event coordinator

I just wanted to bump this one to the top...start stirring the pot on this one!

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72_Chevy_C10 6/8/16
Event coordinator

And, after the Gassers, it will be Pickups in September...which will be the Crew Chief Challenge 3 race...One 57 gram Pickup and a 40 gram Hot Rod...




Just to be clear, I can turn any vehicle into a gasser correct?  Provided it fits dimensional requirements.

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