Please define: Retail axles and wheels only

FredD Tuesday, 9/19/2023

I cannot find the actual definition of Retail axles and wheels only.

I think I know what it means... but... Can someone point me in the right direction? The glossary did not list it that I could find. I did find this snippet: "The "retail wheels and axles" guideline means you need to use axles and wheels that come from toy cars. You can use wheels from another casting, and even axles from another casting, but you can't use some other object to make your axle - like a hat pin, or paperclip, or whatever. What you use has to come from a toy car. (You can still use axle tubes if you need, however, the axle you're shoving into the tube needs to be from a toy car)."

But really, is there a rules document that explains these requirements?



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redlinederby 9/19/23
Site manager

What you found is about as official as it gets.

"Retail axles" means axles that came from a car you purchased.

A non-retail axle would be something you create or make from other items, like the example you found - hat pins, piano wire, whatever...something that didn't from a purchased car.

I believe the majority of races opt for this type of restriction on axles so as long as you're using axles from other cars, you'll be fine. If such a thing is not specified, I would contact the host and get their thoughts on it. They might not care but using retail axles gives everyone some common ground.

  • Ok... thanks mate! Appreciate it. — FredD
  • I also added Retail Axles to the glossary...thanks for pointing that out. — redlinederby
  • very nice... thank you for that! — FredD
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Numbskull 9/19/23

Retail is a general term.  

1 of 4verb
re·?tail ?r?-?t?l   especially for sense 2 also  ri-?t?l
retailed; retailing; retails
Synonyms of retail
transitive verb

: to sell in small quantities directly to the ultimate consumer
intransitive verb

: to sell at retail
retailer noun

2 of 4noun
re·?tail ?r?-?t?l 
: the sale of commodities or goods in small quantities to ultimate consumersalso : the industry of such sell

  • use as needed — Numbskull
  • In the end, just build a fast car. No one will question that. — Numbskull
  • thanks... using that definition, the axles/wheels they sell on Aliexpress would be useable, but under the rules posted it means something else so that is why I asked for clarification... — FredD
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redlinederby 9/20/23
Site manager

I'd say axles you buy from Ali or in kits are totally valid...that's retail. It's purchased. Not retail is something you make on your own, it's custom. You could probably swap "retail" with "custom" if that makes it better.

But also, yeah, like Numbskull said, don't worry too much about it :) No one is going to know unless they crack it open and look, which no one wants to do. Annnddd...they'd have to be suspicious first anyway. Don't sweat it.

  • Thanks Mate... just trying to figure out the "rules"! Appreciate the clarification! — FredD
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