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This is the logo I will be under when Im back... For the Track 

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MrDarq 6/23/24

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Scoupe 6/26/24

Just made this yesterday and starting to roll it out now. This is the simple emblem version of it for now. 

I wanted to include the white background version of this. 

And the black background version. Host's choice.

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StrayDog 7/6/24

I might get another done with a racing tagline but here it is:

  • Personally, I like your logo. Comic at the beginning, lighter color with prim and proper letter. Then it all changes to red and the letters get jagged. There's a lot of subtle meaning packed in the name. — GravityThrottleRacing
  • Thanks! I'm pretty partial to it. It's the logo for the comic shop I work at. — StrayDog

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