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Ram Rod 400 - FULL

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AJ_Grey 9/21/21

I'll give it a try.

  • What is your team name and driver name for the event? — Kaiju_Colorado
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MagicMike 9/29/21

I'd like to get in on this, please!

Mike Gingrich

Driver: Buck Wylde

Mrs Kraken Motorsports

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Ibc76 10/1/21

I'd definitely like to join in on this race. Been modifying cars for about a year, but haven't sent one in to race. 

  • What is your team name and driver name? — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Iron Beard Customs/ Kingston James — Ibc76
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Uncle_Elvis 10/1/21

Put me down for a spot

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Ibc76 10/2/21

Will the stock engine on the Lethal Diesel pass inspection?  It is over the roof, but is it big enough for this race?

  • Actually, the stock engine on the Lethal Diesel does NOT qualify. It "is" taller than the front part of the roof, but it is not taller than the back of the roof. The roof is slanted. So the stock motor on the Lethal Diesel is not the tallest thing on the car. — Kaiju_Colorado
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SpyDude 10/3/21

My vehicle will be on its way tomorrow.

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Fastcar54 10/4/21

Funky Mother Chicken Racin in the House!

Driver: Wolfie Wolfgang 

Car: Vernal Yellow


USPS has announced that they are increasing their shipping times for first clas mail service. This impacts most diecast builders that send their cars via the cheap first class route. You can expect first class service to possibly take up to 7-10 days now.

So if you prefer to continue to use first class service to mail your cars to tournaments, I suggest you plan on shipping at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline.

Carry on

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Sam_Haul 10/5/21

"Meltdown".  Heading out tomorrow.

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Coopdevil 10/8/21

Mine is done and ready for trans-Atlantic despatch. A HW40 with a Tooned 67 Mustang engine upfront and primer paint job. 

I took inspiration from the drag cars of the late 60s that used the snoopy coupe fibreglass bodies made by Kellison. 


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Kaiju_Colorado 10/12/21


I will be locking the roster and closing it to new entries on October 20th.

Carry on.


I'd like to join.

Team:  Overclocked Racing

Driver:  Athena


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