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Ram Rod 400 - Accepting Entries

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Uncle_Elvis 9/5/21

Just checking the tooned Mustang will fit the track right?

  • It almost comes to a stop every time in the dual lane 180, and then barely gets through. It's those exhaust pipes on the sides that rub in the dual lane turns. — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Thanks — Uncle_Elvis

WOuld love to enter in on this event .


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KCLH_Racing 9/6/21

I would love to join in on this event.

Team: KCLH Racing

Driver: Katelyn

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Triple_B 9/6/21

Triple B from Shredder Speedway is ready to race for this one ! 

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Dogtown 9/7/21

Can I get in???

Team : CutRock 'R

Driver: Burt Buzzard

(As discussed, will keep in touch to let you know progress and posting etc, Cheers, thx.)

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FPD_Racing 9/9/21

Alrighty Rob. I'll take a slot if any are left. Picked two cars. I'll decide which when you say I'm in

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Wobbly_Bob 9/11/21

Wobbly Bob of WB Racing would love to come over and play.

I so want in this. Please... racing in my native land would be awesome....

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MessyMarv 9/13/21

I'd love to get in if there's space left.  Sent a message.

Messy Marv

Pirate Diecast

Driver: Storm Trooperson 

Team: Hotbox Matchwheels 

Country: Australia 

Shaun DeLong has sent in my car for this tournament. Thank you 

I want in ????

Jon Vista

Jonnys Speed Shop

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