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We're all pretty open and honest around here, but figured it would be good let everyone know that the Redline Derby Suggestion Box is always open. Especially for newer members, don't shy away from sharing what you think would make RLD a better place to play. 

Use this Google web form to submit your ideas, suggestions, complaints, etc...

And it's completely anonymous.

Redline Derby has evolved and grown thanks to everyone's feedback. Yeah, I have ideas on what I'd like to see as the site owner, but you have ideas too...and I want what you want. 

If you have an idea for a new feature, great. Share your vision!

If you are annoyed by something you use on the site, point it out. It can be fixed!

We can't make everything happen, obviously, but we don't want to sit by and do nothing either.

Thanks to everyone, old and new, for their continued support. It means a lot to me personally and it means a lot to everyone that considers Redline Derby a regular part of their day

First of all, I would like to thank you for all you have done with this site.  I've only been here for a couple of months, but I've found everyone to be fun, helpful and polite.

You don't need to change anything, but I suppose there is always room for improvement.  It is tough though, improvement for one user will be annoying to another.  

Personally, I would like to know if someone replied to something I said.  Like, with an email notification (I have no idea how difficult or easy that might be to make happen).  However, I probably am in the minority there.  Some of the more active forum members would probably not care for all the notifications.  

Change what you want, or don't.  But thanks for making this site what it is.

Ditto, great web site, the track directory will be cool when that gets added as well

Keep me logged in.  The site seems to log me out after a couple hours and when i return, if I want to say anything I have to log in again. On the computer the browser saves my login info, on the iPad Safari does not...not sure if that's my settings or the browser's compatibility with the site.

Either way, I appreciate the security from my bank logging me out, but here I don't care so much.  It'd be nice if the website recognized me/my iPad every time I visited and I'd never have to login again.

The iPad does support saving password, mine does. Probably a setting.
Why not use a session cookie to keep people logged in longer?

@Finkle - There are few notification options built in already. The first post of every article has a "Follow topic" button. Clicking this will subscribe you to the topic and send you an email any time it gets updated. And you can then unsubscribe at any time.

Another notification option is under the Settings page when you view your account. There's a checkbox labeled "New post comments" - while this won't email you, it will show you a number in the nav bar showing you how many of your posts and comments got a reply...sorta like Facebook but not nearly as effective or reliable, but its something. 

You weren't here when the site got redesigned last year...that did sort of ruffle some feathers but that's the way it goes. And another redesign is coming probably next year, so everyone can prepare their gripes again...but all in the name of progress.

@Mo - The auto log out is something I don't know if I can control, but I'll see what I can do. I know that iOS does support remembering passwords. Both my iPad and iPhone support it so maybe check the settings.

All good feedback, thanks! Keep it coming...

@redlinederby - your cookie is set to expire 3 hours after it is created. This timeout needs to be lengthened.
Get the "Editthiscookie" plugin for chrome, you will see a cookie called ci_session which has a timeout of 3 hours.

Yeah, it remembers passwords, and uses them on some sites, like Amazon.  It has my password remembered for here too (on the password list), but does not use it for some reason.

Same for me too using chrome
I did figure out how to autofill login and password, was so obvious it was embarrassing.

Wonderful, thank you for pointing out this feature to me RLD.

Add a "more" button at the bottom of the front page for the next tier of recent topics/posts.

I'm sure it's harder than I think it is, but would it be possible to turn some of the races into a fantasy type race?

I watched the Derby Dash live show on Thursday and when it was over I wished I could come back to the site and set up a prediction bracket like we used to for the fantasy league. 

This could be good for the pro races too.


Like a fantasy football setup? That sounds awesome!

That's a great idea and one I've toyed with for a long time. And it would work just like you think - you'd go in and make pick 'em style picks for every mail-in tournament. When you're right, you get points and so on.

It's not really "harder" from a technical standpoint - I can make it happen - the real difficulty is around the rules and scenarios that would dictate how it works. And more so, making sure those rules create a fun experience for everyone.

For example, the fantasy league game always had 16 cars for an easy bracket. Mail-in tournaments could have 6 entries or's totally random. And since mail-in hosts run their own schedule, I couldn't guarantee that a bracket would be available to fill out. Rather than predicting the entire bracket, you'd almost just have to predict the overall winner...or top 3 or something. So it could be a very simple version of the fantasy league style of play, but that could still be fun and lend itself to some interesting discussion and debates.

However, the good news is that I've already started a new tournament tracking system. This system will finally give mail-in tournaments some structure and stat tracking. Once the system is in place and we start using it, organizers will choose tracks, enter cars and report results - just like the fantasy league. When that starts happening, turning events into a "pick the winner" game is much easier.

Cool thing would be too if the points you earned for mail-in picks could then be used within the fantasy league games to unlock cars and stuff like that. Theory being it would lead game players into the real racing more and maybe vice versa.

When the new web site launches, it will include the track directory. That's the first piece of the puzzle for building new games and things. Once people register their tracks, we can use that database to create mail-in events and fantasy league games just like we used to do.

I know it's been a long wait as I recreate something we already had but I still feel it's all for the better because everything will be integrated and talking to each other. Then we can use points, stats and whatever else to build even more great things. I think it's even possible to extend these tools to other clubs, which could effectively turn any local race event into a pick'em game...not to mention it would get that club a history of race results and stats...but that's way in the future. I'm gonna worry about us first, then them :)

Whew...sorry for the long response but I guess you hit a nerve! Thanks for the feedback. Nice knowing the interest in the fantasy league game hasn't waned at all. I'm anxious to get it back up and running too, and I'm working as fast as I can to get things updated. 

How tough would it be to offer rewards/rankings for members (newbie, rookie, host, x race winner, 10 race club, etc).  It could add to the fun .  Can you offer upvotes (like reddit) to help track post activity on a topic?   It may help people find info easier if they can sort searches that way.  Thanks for all you do Brian!

I've got a suggestion for the "winner takes all" tournaments. I, and apparently many others, find it difficult to 'give-up' a car in this type tournament. Sending in 'substitute' cars sounded like a good idea until Brian showed us in the pre-race show just what the prize pool consisted of. Not trying to rub people the wrong way, and not even knowing who sent in what, I think that most will agree that there were very few if any cars that will be turned into future racers in the bunch. There were a few donor wheel cars included.

I suggest that if you want your racer returned in a winner take all type tournament that you include $5 (for each of your entries) to go to the winner. This is what I've done for the upcoming Stock Derby Dash. It allows the winner to source either cars that can be raced, buy FTE donor cars or even try to duplicate the losing cars with the prize money. 

This seems a little more fair to me. What do y'all think?

Yes, a prize car donor should be something prized.

I think winner takes all is just that, winner takes all. It's usually posted before anyone enters a WTA race, knowing its WTA motivates me more knowing what's on the line, that being said if I loose a WTA and this is just me, I have no problem with my loser car that took my effort and energy to build to go to the winner they earned it rather Won it fair and square. Plain and simple winner take all is winner take all. Just my thoughts on the topic. 

I agree with you if it is a modded race. JDC442 has one of my Chrysler 300s to prove it!
In the upcoming stock race I sent the 2 fastest cars that I've run on my track (haven't run a funny car) and I'd like to keep those.

Maybe in every WTA tournament, the substitute car for the prize pot should be approved of by the host before being sent.

Few of my thoughts...but all great feedback...

@jhmusic - Having ranks for members is something I've been wanting for a while but had no real mechanism in place to handle it. That's changing with the new site update. It won't be a right away thing but definitely something we'll get sooner than later. The only real question with that is what determines you rank? Number of posts...race long you've been here? Seniority certainly matters but it's easy for you to be a member here a long time without contributing anything. Having member signatures is also something on deck that we'll get soon, so that might help too.

Upvotes a la reddit is something I've thought about but I think I want to try the curated approach first. I think grouping things in logical collections is more valuable...we just need better collections, which is something I'm going to work harder at when the site relaunches. Or maybe it's some combination of collections and voting, dunno. I plan to expand editing duties beyond just myself, which should help diversify what is presented and hopefully keeps things more fresh than I can alone.


As for winner takes all...despite having hosted my own "swaps allowed" tournaments, I don't like them. I think WTA events should be just that: winner takes all. You go in knowing what you build may become someone's prized possession. That's the whole's about risk. No one wants to see their car go into someone else's garage, that's why you work hard to build your best and when you lose, it hurts...but should also motivate you to do better next time. And if it means you "build down" because your car might not come home, that's up to you. 

So...I think right now I'm going to declare that I will no longer offer any more "swap tournaments" - from here on out it's either race for a prize or true pink slips. It's too easy to feel comfortable when you have a swap option. If you offer swapping as an option, then it's not a WTA and should not be promoted as such. Personally, I'd rather always race for a prize than other modded cars but that might be just because I don't race that frequently. Getting JDC's modded car is less appealing to me than a higher end collector car or gift card. And I'm hoping that as we get more infrastructure in place (and the fantasy league) that I can get sponsored back on board like we had once before then we'll have more options for prizes.

Carl's "money exchange" is an interesting way to do it and I agree that it's a lot more fair than just getting a bunch of crap mainlines for your efforts. My only worry is that many people may opt for that option and then we're just racing for a money prize pot that could get pretty large. I don't know if I'm comfortable doing that yet given how unorganized our races actually are. Once we have some more tools in place to offer tracking, stats and other things, that may become a more viable option - at least from where I stand, as the one who's name is on the front door. I've seen too many things go wrong once straight up money gets involved so if I go down that road again, I want to make sure I'm covered and have reliable backup data. So for now, I'd prefer we not do a money exchange. I'd rather see true WTA racing and you build accordingly.


Again, all great comments and all if it is going into the consideration tank. Thanks so much for investing your thoughts and your continued support. I know what we build together will be a lot of fun for everyone.

Wise words

If you enter a "winner take all" you should know going in that you could lose what you are racing. Racing for pinks, over pride. That is the point, sub cars are the cowards way out.... same with buying your way out. I've said all this from the beginning. Don't race what you are not willing to lose.  And if you lose, accept it and move on. 

For example, the matchbox race I won. I put up two Laser Wheel Matchbox, and when the results first came out I had lost those cars. I never entered sub-cars. Sure I was disappointed, but what is life without risk. It makes winning all the sweeter when you do. Winning and losing is part of the game here. 

Well said. Agreed.
Agreed. My point was if you let 'em keep their cars in a WTA race then send dollars instead of crap cars.
Not all of the cars in the pot for the stock dash are bad, but y'all know what I mean.
Carl, my dig was not at you...

Entry deadlines on the main page.  Some upcoming races have entry deadlines well in advance of race day.  Truckorama's deadline is 20 days before the race.  Every time I visit the site I see June 30th, race day, on the main page and it's easy to believe I have much more time to build than I really do.  If there's a non-goofy looking way to show entry deadlines in the upcoming race list on the main page I'd like it.

@Mo - I hear ya...dealing with how to display dates has been difficult. I've been thinking about that a lot lately. My first thought was to show results date because that's the ultimate end of the event. But then on the other hand, if people keep missing deadlines then there won't be any racing anyway!

It's a trick between communicating to the racers and communicating to visitors. I agree it's not hitting the bullseye and I'll keep working on it. Thanks for the feedback.

Idea... What about creating a page that looks like an actual calendar?  Put the important dates/ races/ deadlines in a thumbnail grid?  Click on the dates. 

Color code things:

Purple - race announcement

Red-  due date for spec check.

Green - race day

Checker- flag results

Or even, set up a reminder email system builders can sign up for automated friendly deadline reminders to be sent 10 days /5 days before a deadline?

I dunno. I think I think too much...

imo... list the recieving date only... that gives the first heet hosts the chance to set up a diorama, set up the brackets and staging / pre-race pix... nothing more frustrating than to have set everything up only to have a stragler show up day before race day...

don't post  the race date, procastinators will use the race date not the recieving date...  and then expect all to jump through hoops if they didn't get it out in time...

set the recieving date, any cars that don't make it are disqualified for the first heet... stick to it... RACERS will get them shipped on time... again just my opinion...

Agree! It's happening again in the Mini Challenge. I don't bother paying for priority anymore because of the constant push-backs.

A new calendar page in part of the new site design and a email reminder system is planned after it launches. You'll be able to select how many days out you want reminded of an event date. So that's coming...but for now...

All we can do is just shift to use the deadline date when posting a tournament. I will go back and update some of the near ones and do it in the future from now on. Smitty's right that the biggest date will be the one people use as their deadline, and then whine to get in late.


The limitation on the site right now is a post can only have 1 date associated with it. You can put several dates in the post itself, but only 1 is attached as an attribute. That being the case, I can control what date I enter for RLD mail-ins but getting everyone to follow that rule will be difficult, especially other clubs. Best I can do is add a little line of text that says "use the deadline date" but I guess that's better than nothing.

I'm trying to figure out a nicer event system for the new site so we won't have to keep using post threads to do the job. It just wasn't built to support how we're using it, and we're clearly hitting some limits. We're using the forum format for more than it should. I'm a believer in having single-task tools rather than one that does it all. Threads are great for fostering ideas and ferreting out issues but once that's done, a system/tool/whatever needs to be built to specialize in handling that task.

I like it.

What say, the person who creates a race thread/post/page puts down a "must be delivered by midnight on this date. deadline" and seeings how most everyone uses a tracking system USPS or = method anyways... Anyone can check the tracking numbers to see who qualifies to run in that race, knowing full well the host can run the race a week or more later. 

Bottom line is, if didn't make it on time, USPS will have the final say. You had ( in some cases 2-3 months) to build something, or even just dunk the dang thing in graphite and box it up. 

 Heck, there have been times when people build a car at the hint of an idea, only to see it not ever happen. ( Smitty  soooo many times) 

The USPS has been proven unreliable countless times. We all should know better than take their word...

Counter clerk in LA.." It's Monday at 3pm. It should be in Bangor Maine by 6 Pm yesterday."

Hopeful contender " COOL!! Let's do this."

Kinda dramatic, I know, but there's a point in there.  Mail date should be a week before the deadline, tracked and insured. With fingers crossed, wishing for the best.

And tracking numbers posted, as so many of us/you have gotten into the habit of doing anyways.

That should sort out a lot like:

Who is taking too great a chance for one.

I dunno.

But, I will say this, I'm sure I am not the only one loseing interest because of all the " I'm gonna mail it..."

" is it there?"

"Can you wait for mine?"

"Results?" ( don't get me started on that

It's gotten so bad, I've actually stopped reading the race threads for 4 or 5 days at a time. (Skip is my co-pilot). And only read the non race threads every other day or so.

I  LOVE THIS PLACE, AND I MISS building and racing with ya'll, but I gotta tell ya, I'd be less interested in entering ( if i were still able) with all the bellyaching going on.

Maybe I'm just cranky from working 65 hours a week for 12 weeks straight now.


i agree, exept for the results...

 we had a racer that would troll here for racers, then after the race he would hold the results hostage for the "hits" on HIS site, as the racers kept looking for the results... 

 not fair... results should be prompt... 

That doesn't sound like good sportsmanship. "had", sounds to me personally, like " have" IMO.
(That is only me talking, not twisting Our Good Man, Smitty's words in any way) :)
he is long gone CTD...
That was a long time ago Smitty, I remember it well! TasteLikeDirt probably remembers too as he got reamed for posting results!

Ummm, maybe I'm missing something here, but raceday is raceday! It's nice to have the cars here a little earlier, to take pics and get the brackets set up, but it isn't a necessary part. If I race on a Saturday (which I usually do), I'll wait for the mail to come on Saturday before I race...the cars that I have at that point are the cars that run...period!

I put up regular reminders to get your cars ready...and that's the best I can do! I'm not going to wait for a car. I usually have cars I can substitute if I know that cars are tied up in the mail (and I've done that a few times). It's up to the host to post the race and remind the's up to the racers to get their cars in on time.

I post the results as I race....round by round. That's why you don't get a big production from me...just the race. When I'm entered in a race, I really just want to see the results.

It seems simple to me...if you are hosting, it's your job to put on the race and post the results. If you are racing, it's your job to get the cars there on time...period.

AMEN! And I must say, how C10 runs a race, should be the go to example. IMO.

Ultimately, how nice/forgiving a host wants to be with dates is up to that host. But the deadline is there for a reason...whether it's front and center or in the post, it's not hiding, and people should respect that. The person organizing (and even this site) can only do so much...people need to take care of themselves sometimes. 

However, one thing the site (me) hasn't done real well as we've grown is lead people to how things work...but, frankly, that's because it's very loosey goosey. I've always had this worry that when new people join that they think there is some governing RLD body that organizes everything and there's just not true (at least not yet). Everything here is individually organized under a common banner in a common location, nothing more than that. I'd like to see that change but I often wonder if that boat has set sail...but anyway...

Like Chevy said, it's up to the host/organizer/author to add reminders, bump up posts, field questions, etc. Some people get it and take ownership, some don't, and that can impact the overall enjoyment. This gets even trickier when you're coordinating a series across several tracks and dates (see the Pro Series). 

Again, like Chris said, it is pretty simple. Just manage your shit and communicate, and everything will be fine. It doesn't matter how much production you put into racing and results, just keep people informed and make sure you can keep up with what you promise. Things happen, yes, but that should be the exception and not the norm...but I agree that it feels like we're starting to lean too much towards the latter...and I'll take as much blame as need be.

Whatever you feel this web site can do (or should do) to help you manage, track, post, mail, whatever...please share your ideas. If that's a simple calendar page, great. If it's a more complex idea with lots of moving parts, that's fine too - nothing is off the table. 

Bottom line...I, more than anyone, want to see RLD continue to be a fun place to share and play. Whatever you feel I can do to help, tell me and I'll do my best to make it happen.

Not really a suggestion, more an issue.  The Red Desert thread crashes the browser tab on both my IPad Mini and Air in Safari and Chrome.  Can't read it.

Most likely due to all the YouTube videos.

It's better to make a YouTube playlist of all those videos and embed the playlist rather than add a bunch of individual videos.

Given the recent turmoil with PhotoBucket, now seems like a good time to get your input and thoughts on where Redline Derby is right now and where it's going. Please use the link at top to submit your ideas, suggestions, complaints and concerns. It's completely anonymous, so let it fly.

I want RLD to be a great place to race, share and play. I have my thoughts on what will make that happen, I'd like to hear from you.

Share your thoughts

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