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Scale Racing Channel Light Heavyweight Stock Championship

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Scoupe 1/16/23

In with 2

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MarkRich21 1/17/23

Can't wait! In for 2, please! 

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DXPRacing 1/17/23

DXP Racing is in for 2

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AJ_Grey 1/18/23

Rez Wheelz in for 2..

Noob guy here, let me see if I have this correct. A bone stock car from the pegs/blister with paint for the only modification? Any casting within weight limit (real and fantasy)?

Count me in for two, just want to make sure I am squared on the particulars.

  • That is correct. Any brand car that fits in HW orange track and falls into the specified weight range. You can use any type of powdered lube, like graphite, or a dry lube like 3in1 PTFE. No drippy lubes. For this particular weight range, there will be very few cars new on the retail pegs that I would suggest, so do your homework, check my vids to see what works well in this category. Thanks! — ScaleRacingChannel
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NDeavers80 1/19/23

NDR would like a shot. 

Noob Racing would like a spot please!

What's the wheel situation?

  • Stock wheels/axles only. No sanding. Graphite allowed on the axles, wheel sides, and wheel track contact surface allowed. — ScaleRacingChannel

Grayboys Racing for 2 

We're from Canada

I'm in for 2

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GoldenOwl 1/23/23

Right on! You can count me in!

Fatherson raceing 2 cars on the way

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