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The 3rd Annual Bone Shaker Brawl

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Iron Beard Customs would like a spot please. 

Ugh, Not sure how I missed this completely, (as the site has been quiet) was looking out for it?

Are entries still available or locked at 32?


Phew, great, thanks!

I still can't work out how I missed the initial post. I was looking out for it, as Po' reminded a few of us, and there has only been a new  posting on the RLD site every day or so?!


Relieved now!

I have a few shakers in the development team, as well as a couple of good benchmarks from last years race. Off to garage/workshop!


Marc D

  • Should be a good tournament. I'm hoping to make it past the first round at least ???? — EnZedRacing

Would Love to throw in a Bent Bone!

Last year's Bone Shaker Brawl was my first race.  I'd love to come back and see if the bits of fun and all the frustration since have improved me any. 

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PuffsRacing 6/28/22

Any spots available I like to send 1 in Puff Racing 

was checking to see if this would pass inspection?

  • Might go better with wheels...???? — EnZedRacing
  • What is the question on it? Hard to tell from the picture. Check the rules. If you stick to those you’re good — BlueLineRacing
  • I used a small piece of angle iron to make a hard top. — Ironbeardcustoms
  • Looks ok to me — BlueLineRacing
  • Angle iron? Awesome idea bro' — G_ForceRacing
  • lol Oh Sweet I saw this, wanted to do a Rag top on mine — Bent_Rod_Racing

Please add me 



I'd like to join if there's an open spot please.

Something relevent to the event.


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MQHracing 7/26/22

Mqh racing would like to enter if still open

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Big_Mac 8/4/22

I will take a crack at this race again. See if I can improve from last year.

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