The Jörmungandr

Sam_Haul Saturday, 6/20/2020

Hey everyone, yet another COVID convert here.  Here is my current track (my third, and most ambitious thus far), The Jörmungandr, named after the world serpent of Norse mythology, due to its twisting coils toward the end.  Functional as pictured, and races well, but still not quite complete.  Plan is to put a 90º two-lane turn going to the left up the wall at the current top using angled shelving supports, and then another 90º right so that the track should actually start around the top of that closet door and pass by John Wayne's eyes there.  Originally had planned for six 90º turns winding back over the middle of the track before finally dumping into that first straight-away of two-lane Max Traxxx, but I think I'd have to cut into the ceiling to make it work.  Either that or lower the angles, and it's running pretty perfect on speed right now, don't want it too slow.  

Don't have a whole lot of build pics unfortunately, sorry.  Kind of got lost in the activity, and didn't think to document well.  Hopefully the build is fairly self evident.  Track is a combo of Crash, Max Traxx, Hot Wheels orange track, and some 3D printed pieces from Slanman Customs (can be found on FB, reasonably priced, and very fast), namely the starting gate, two-lane-to-one adapter, and most of the connectors.  Don't have exact measurement at moment, but think track is currently around 50' long, and features five turns, two 180º, one 225º hairpin, one 135º, and one 90º.  

(View from top of turn 2, "Verdandi".  Turns are named after the three Norns, Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld).

(View of Skuld and the rest of "the serpent".  I'll explain).

Other materials used:  3: 8' 1by4's, cheap plastic shelving system similar to (if not exact same) 3D uses on some builds, and then those white strips that look like styrofoam are... well, styrofoam, but they happen to be pieces of this 1" insulation paneling we had laying around from a previous home project.  Has a silvery, plastic type skin that makes it MUCH easier to stick tape to, and really easy to cut and work with (the skin helps keep some of the styrofoam "snow" from forming when cutting and snapping).  Real rigid, and of course super light, so you can actually go ahead and just tape it level with the edge of a table, and it holds great.  Oh, and of course tape.  Lots of duct tape, but that mostly just to keep things stuck in place.  Only have one spot I've needed to amend with electrical tape (so far).

So the "plan" is to eventually make a big Yggdrasil tree that will stand amidst the lower coils of the track (the serpents coils, if you will), possibly with the track tunneling through.  (I say "plan" in quotes because I know absolutely nothing about making stuff like this, but now's as good a time as any to learn, I guess).  Not sure quite how to do this and make it visible, but I'd like the last couple of turns to be part of the "body" of the serpent, with the cars ending up racing out of its mouth, with the one-lane run-off resembling its tongue.  Not pictured here, but somewhere we have a little piece of track we got from McDonalds that's like a little lane director, but the main thing is that it's forked.  I foresee some issues with filming, if it ever comes to that, with all this... stuff, I figure I'll cross that rainbow bridge when and if I come to it.

Ummm... that's about it for now.  Wish me luck!  Happy racing!


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Sam_Haul 6/20/20

Found an older iteration, technically my "2nd" track, but as you can see, also some of the bare bones of Jömungandr.  I do have some pics of my first track as well, but it was just a two-lane drag with a few ups and downs that wound through my son's Paw Patrol toys (we called it the PP Speedway), and it no longer exists, as well.  Kind of pretty, though.  Used our toy lightsabers and those little party finger lights to jazz it up, looked kind of cool in the dark.

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redlinederby 6/20/20
Site manager

Very should definitely add it to our Track Directory. I love 360-S on the tiny table, very cool path there. And looks like that second hill is where you get all the speed you need.

  • Thanks, will do. Wasn't sure if the directory was just for completed tracks, or tracks that were available to race. Yeah, speed is just right to my taste. Most cars make it down the track solo, but not every car every time, so results seem appropriately varied. Racing obviously ups those variables, but so far still getting very few double DNFs. Passing potential is good enough to run 4 car races, though the type with four races with each car moving position each start, and then points for position, produces good results. The "lap" style, where pole position is determined by finishing position, seems to produce more runaways once the fastest car gets the lead, but then I suppose that's... racing, right? — Sam_Haul
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Sam_Haul 6/21/20

Finished!  At least track-wise, a couple of tiny tweaks with the dremel to shave down a couple different track connections where some cars keep hitting, but other than that, it works!  Now on to some decoration.  That... will probably take longer.

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Chaos_Canyon 6/22/20

Nice work. When you get some video, post a link to it in the DSPN forum here, in the racing section, and we can try and get it into an upcoming report

  • Thank you! Will do. Have a few embarrassingly poor quality videos I shot with my iPhone from back when the lenses were made out of baked mud. Plus they're using that epilepsy warning slo-mo feature, so hopefully folks will understand that they're just supposed to be for a general idea of the track, and so I could practice trying to find the best flow and foot path for the handheld part of the footage. Got plenty of action, just need lights, cameras.... Man, this is going to get expensive, isn't it? — Sam_Haul
  • Working on vedio — FathersonDiecast
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Sam_Haul 7/1/20

A bit of an update.  Some decorations added, a little bit of lighting (not enough, that's still on it's way), but the cameras did arrive, so that's good!
We've been getting creative with the tinfoil, which has the added benefit of being reflective.  We'll see how it fares.

Finished my little popsicle railing.

Some creepy trees and artwork from a friend.

Also lowered the track a bit (again) to cut down on speed at the top, and also so racers must pass under the watchful eyes of The Duke himself, here.

That's it for now, track is still running great, will hopefully have some better video soon!

  • Looking good. Are you planning the paint the tin foil or leave it as is? — Chaos_Canyon
  • Dig the foil...hope that turns out cool in videos. Love those popsicle stick railings; my favorite craft resource. — redlinederby
  • And +1 for that art work...looks like a Pink Floyd album cover — redlinederby
  • @Chaos_Canyon - Not 100% sure yet. Some of the lighting just came in, and still waiting on a couple of other components (keep finding I need, well, want more stuff, like a gimbal, and an external HD for video storage). In my head, the background would be a bit darker, but I keep seeing how people are saying you need a ton of light for good slo-mo replay footage, so I'm curious to see what it might do with the lighting as is. I suppose I could think of it as an "icy" underworld. Or I could just drop my silly fantasy world ideas and just make a more traditional track, but I kind of want to offer something different. I don't know. This is just me, I get lost in the details for a while before settling on an idea. A lot of error in my trial and error. — Sam_Haul
  • I'd vote for going fantasy. It's different and will stand out in the crowd a bit. If the fantasy doesn't pan out, you can just paint it into a real world model. — redlinederby
  • I'm with Redline, keep the fantasy! You can always make it look darker in editing. — Blipside
  • Cool man. As the others said - you do you. Go with whatever theme you want and there is nothing wrong with a fantasy theme :) I second the good lighting thing. I bought two of a four bulb holder and then got 8 150W LED bulbs and it made a massive difference to the lighting at the track. One thing to test before you go crazy buying lights is to take some slow mo footage and see if there is any strobing etc - I have another really nice bright light but it strobes terribly and makes it hard to watch the video. Once you find something that works, then go crazy ;) — Chaos_Canyon
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Sam_Haul 7/11/20

Okay, made some improvements to the lighting.

Pretty well covered, actually might have some white balance? issues in some spots (hot spots on walls)

These little puck lights come with a remote, and have warm light for once, don't usually see that in these things. 

Shot some footage, but waiting to review it, as camera battery died.  Also, I wanted to thank everyone for how encouraging and supportive they've been, and apologize for being so sparse with updates and responses.  Like I'm sure is true for everyone else, this is really high on my want to do list, and unfortunately pretty low on my need to do list, so the going feels a bit slow, especially with how quickly some others have gotten moving (getting left in the dust, lol).  Anyway, the lighting should help.  Now to see how much I need to work on my camera skills.

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