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The Name Game: Team names, driver names, real names

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Chaos_Canyon 5/14/21

I keep a list of the actual person separate to what they want displayed on screen as I know not everyone wants their personal details online or they want to use it as a chance to push their track etc.

Great Topic!

My Full Name is ROMERO RIVERA aka "BIG ROMY"


My Diecast Race Team consist of:

Big Romy (thats Me)

Midory (MY Wife)

HayHay (My Daughter)

Matty (My Niece)

Both of my grandkids barely started to watch the racing videos, so you might start seeing their names on the screen...

Ziiq (My Grandson)

Sunny Bea (Granddaughter)

In all RIVERA RACING consist of around 15 Family Members

  • Awesome! Great to see it’s a family affair. Lots of hardware there too. A family that races together, stays together. — redlinederby

I've been going by Crimson Twins since about '04 while online.  Before diecast, I was into GI Joe, and that's where the name came from.  

Later I realized it was confusing to people outside of GI Joe fans.  They didn't know if I was one or two people.  It got really bad when I moved to Georgia, near the Alabama border and everyone thought I was an Alabama Crimson Tide fan.  I am not.  I changed it up to Crimson Mike at that point.  

Going by Crimson Mike was fine for me as an individual, but when I began brainstorming a name for my own racing team, the Twins came back in the fold.  It worked because the Twins would be the acting owners, while Crimson Mike would be the high profile driver on the team.  

I know names can be tricky, so I tend to answer to most anything that people feel comfortable with.  I'll answer to Crimson Twins, Crimson, CT, Crimson Mike, Mike, Michael, Big Mike, it doesn't matter to me.  I've been called them all, and much worse.  Just don't call me Mikey, and we'll be OK.

  • Big Joe fan here too...the twins were some of my favorite characters :) I still have my Tomax figure too, although in few pieces. — redlinederby
  • Okay, Mikey. :p — SpyDude
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RanEast 5/17/21

I haven't dug around much yet but maybe all associated with this site could get together and develop a standard submission form with a section called announced driver's name or something and if it's left blank you can call them late for dinner or whatever you'd like. 

Usually I'll use my real name (Shawn Cook) but on occasion I'll use DemonPreacher. My team name is Rust 'N Ruin and eventually I plan on getting into the mail-in arena. Right now I just don't have the time to really get to building. 

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