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The Second Annual Bone Shaker Brawl

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DamDiecast 6/10/21

please put me in.

DamDiecast Racing

I'd like to join.  Thanks!

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Uncle_Elvis 6/10/21


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UncleBuster 6/10/21

Definitely in for this!

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RLoRacing 6/10/21

I bought one not too long ago thinking, "hmm, let me get one in case BLR has another Bone Shaker Brawl since I missed last years.." so in

Love to enter 2 entries, Darnquick2021 Fatherson die cast racing.

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Wobbly_Bob 6/11/21

I would like to join the fun. Count me in please.

Count me in! 

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Crazy_Canuck 6/12/21

White Nuckle Motoring will be there! Count me in

  • You’re in. Would you like to use White Knuckle Motoring or Crazy Canuck? — BlueLineRacing
  • Team: The EH Team, Driver: Crazy Canuck — Crazy_Canuck
  • EH? How many teams do you have? Lol — BlueLineRacing
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Mayfield41 6/12/21

Yes please, have a bunch of these laying around

Would love to make this run... please

Can I get a spot?

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